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Drakes Pride Bowls


Bowls International try out Drakes Pride Prifessional bowls at the end of the outdoor season.

At the end of the outdoor season, Bowls International tried out Drakes Pride Professional bowls at New Lount Bowls Club in Leicestershire- known for being a swingy green, usually of a decent pace.

It happens to be the bowl our Assistant Editor, Patrick Hulbert, plays with.

The Drakes Pride Professional model is ideal for indoor and outdoor bowls. It has a subtle swing, but is not narrow enough to be considered ‘tight running.’

For the indoors, it is suitable for a slower and less swingy green, and especially suitable for back-end bowlers as you will get some hook to get round short bowls.

For the outdoor, the Drakes Pride Professional can be used in any position. Our Assitant Editor now skips most games, and uses the model, but used to lead very regularly and was just as comfortable play with the Professional in that position.

For the indoors, if you lead and would prefer a tighter model of bowl, the Drakes Pride Slimline is an ideal bowl as it will not have the same hook as the Professional. However, if you want it even tighter, the Drakes Pride Advantage is the bowl for you- suitable for fast, swingy indoor greens.

For the outdoors, if you play backend and find that the Professional model does not have enough of a hook on it, the Drakes Pride Jazz would be suitable as it takes a wide line and would be a very useful bowl for drawing round short bowls.

For more opinions on Drakes Pride models, please e-mail our Assitant Editor Patrick Hulbert on and he would be happy to share his opinions and differences with you.

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