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Stars lose jobs as Aero Bowls UK closes, but CEO insists ‘Nothing will change for bowlers’


Aero Bowls in the UK is closing.
UK CEO Ellen Falkner, Sales Manager Alex Marshall, Sales Executive Jamie Chestney and Operations Manager Chris Falkner will no longer have roles as the UK arm of the company becomes a distributor model.

A number of rumours have been circulating around clubs over the past week since the news started filtering through.

A press release issued by Aero Bowls said: “Aero Bowls Limited was launched in the UK in April 2013. The brand has gone from zero to becoming a key player in the UK marketplace where it has brought more colour and innovation to the game as well as putting back into the sport through being the title sponsor of the Bowls England National Championships and the sponsor of the Love Fisher Brown Award. Aero remain the brand leader in Australia where the bowls are made with ever increasing sales.

“Recently Aero have announced a change to the way they will operate in the UK moving from having their own company to a distributor based model. The distributor based model is the model that Aero currently use in the USA, South Africa, Malaysia and Hong Kong markets.

“Importantly bowlers will not notice any difference to how they buy Aero products. The Aero range of bowls, bags, shoes, accessories and clothing will continue to be available from bowls shops as well as online at with the products being delivered to your door and in 2018 as usual ,we’ll be at Leamington with our trade stand (already reserved).

“What is changing is how the bowls shops buy the products, instead of buying from Aero Bowls UK, they will, in future, be buying from a distributor. They are currently interviewing potential distributors to handle this very valuable brand. AeroBowls CEO Walter Jacobs explains:

“For a distributor model to be implemented, the UK company has to close. Therefore it has been an extremely difficult time for our employees. As with anything that affects peoples lives, it is a very emotive subject and in such a small community as the bowls community, I’m sure there are a hundred different versions of what has happened and why. All I can say is that I feel for everyone involved and who worked so hard but I ultimately have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the whole business and not the UK in isolation. The distributor model is the right model for the UK to take the brand to the next level and grow the business further.

“Importantly for bowlers and our excellent network of bowls shops they can still buy with confidence and have the assurance that Aero as a brand will continue to be a major force in the UK.”

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