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Features: Allcock's Memorable Moments

Published 22 January 2016, 22:46

Tony Allcock discusses some of his most memorable moneys on the indoor circuit.


Features: Question Time

Published 5 June 2013, 10:42

This month I have answered a number of commonly asked questions that have been put forward to me recently. I hope they are of use.


Features: Laws – Which Ones are we Using?

Published 5 June 2013, 10:38

The great British summer had better behave itself after last season’s washout. The main topic of questioning for us umpires was the use of the dreaded groundsheets or the intricacies of stopping a game and if to claim a full house if we left poor Freda standing out in the elements to protect the head.


Features: The Numbers Game

Published 5 June 2013, 10:33

This month I am going to answer a question that has been sent to me through the magazine. Should you have a question please contact me by e-mailing the editor and I will do my best to answer it. If you don’t want your name published we can also arrange for that to happen.


Features: What is a 'Team'

Published 27 February 2013, 16:43

Defining a ‘Team’

I often get asked by bowlers, especially new bowlers to explain what is meant by the terms ‘side’ and ‘team,’ so this month I thought we would look at the ‘Definitions’ for the sport. As we are playing indoor at the moment, I have used Section 1 –‘Definitions of the World Indoor Bowls Council’s Laws of the Sport for Indoor Bowls’ (green book). For those of you playing under the World Bowls Laws of the Sport of Bowls (pink book) – those definitions can be found in Section 1 – ‘Definitions: control, players, play and bowls.’


Features: Doing the Card

Published 27 February 2013, 16:42


Over the past few months in my capacity as secretary of the Welsh Indoor Bowls Association I have attended numerous international trial matches and find myself continually having to remind the second players that they are responsible for completing the score card and not the skip and that they must keep the score card with them at all times. Furthermore, I have lost count of the number of times players have left the score card at the end of the rink of play.


Features: Casting the Jack

Published 27 February 2013, 16:38

Let He who is Without Sin Cast the First Jack

The following incident occurred recently in a Welsh national club championship match.

The lead delivered the jack and on its way up the green it struck his skip on the foot and deflected sideways. The same skip returned the jack to the mat end and the same lead was about to re-deliver the jack. The umpire on duty stepped to the edge of the rink and pointed out to the lead that the jack now must be delivered by the opposing lead and that he could re-position the mat if he wished. Both leads were very co-operative and had no problem with this decision. However, the skip thought that the umpire should not get involved until requested to do so by either skip.

Was the umpire correct? And what would you have done in a similar situation?


Features: Time

Published 16 January 2013, 13:45

Before I commence my inaugural ramblings I would like to thank the editorial team of this fine magazine for inviting me to contribute. I first subscribed to Bowls International when I started bowling at the tender age of 14.

A lot of water has past under my bridge since then and back in November I reached another strange milestone in my umpiring career – the introduction of a 30 second Shot Clock to the Scottish Open in November.


Features: Shoewear

Published 16 January 2013, 13:38

Don’t Play in ‘em Blue Suede Shoes
Or anything other the plain white if you can help it…



Published 21 November 2012, 16:32

keeping you on the right side of the law...