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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants


KEMPSTON PARK IBC (Sally Wilson, Sue Glennon, Gillian Blacklock, Peter Denton).
WILSTEAD BC (Roland Anderson, Roger Hopkins, David Tatum).


WEST BERKS IBC (Diana Kelly, Margaret Fionda, Rita Smithson, Sandra Whiting).
WHITEKNIGHTS IBC (Gen Hughes, Doreen Townend, Pauline Grainger, Jean Balkwell).

PETERBOROUGH & DISTRICT IBC (Mary Malton & Jeff Pitt).


NEWQUAY IBC (Pat Brooks, Trish Poyner, Fred Brooks).


EDEN IBC (William Ramshaw, Walter Bracken, Brian Gass, Ken Sowerby).


TORBAY AREA IBA (Carol McCarthy, Diane Raggett, Betty Beedell).


DOLPHIN IBC (Martyn Harvey, Chris Whiteside, Terry Smith, Peter Bottomley).


FALCON BC (Sandra Bell & Phillip Johnson).
ESSEX COUNTY BC (Ben Staines, Geoff Croft, Vernon Kemp, John French).
JACKS CENTRE IBC (Bob Hickford, Edward Claydon, Trevor Matthams).
WEST MERSEA BC (Richard Martin, Eric Kidman, Laurie Waylen, Jean Draper).
TILBURY IBC (Brenda Barber, Francesca Maskell, Sandra Scott, Carol King).
SOUTHEND & DISTRICT BA (John Brooks, Bill Bickford, Jan Soar, Mike Spackman).
WEST MERSEA BC (Joe Owers, Brian Johnson, David Mitchell-Gears, Barrie Clements).
FALCON BC (June Smith, Neville Ager, Cedric Ashcroft, Leslie Smith).
ESSEX COUNTY BC (Chris Harrison, Joan Kitchener, Ray Woollard, Ben Staines).


COTSWOLD BC (Howard Pettit, Christine Bingham, Eileen Miles).
COTSWOLD BC (Peter Cook & Danny Poole).


CHAWTON PARK IBC (Anne Holman & Sheila Morrison).
VICTORY IBC (Josephine & Victor Phipps, Kath Patrick).
VICTORY IBC (Vic Hobson, Les Gosling, Wendy Bradley, Arthur Newland).
VICTORY IBC (Jo Phipps, Les Gosling, John Stephenson, Andy Bennett).


HARPENDEN IBC (Steve Griffiths, Eddie Jacobs, Jean Murphy, Toni Burns).
STEVENAGE LEISURE CENTRE IBC (Bill Thorne, Maurice Gordon, Steve Chamberlain, Colvin Cooper).
NORTH WATFORD BC (Mitch Haynes & Rose Small).
CHESHUNT IBC (David Hilson & Paul Smyth).


PRINCE ARTHUR IBC (Mick Barnard, Bob Louden, Trevor Woodhouse).
BROMLEY IBC (George Pollock, Dennis Edwards, George Webb, Peter Wilks).
BROMLEY IBC (Eileen Slevin & Harry Duffield).
ROYAL TUNBRIDGE WELLS IBC (Les Way & Norman Greenaway).
CAVALIER SMBC (Wilf Laughton, Michael Holmes, Jack Cramp).
THANET IBC (Roy Dobson & Mick Mooney).
CAVALIERS SMBC (Jim Bellingham, Robert Hill, Jim Harlow).


LEICESTER IBC (Terry Seare, Chris Harrison, Veronica Jardine, Tony Champion).
BARWELL IBC (Hazel Johnson, Neil Cooper, Terry Charlesworth, Vera Cooper).
LEICESTER IBC (Eric North, Brendon Thompson, John Boden, David Burton).
CHARNWOOD IBC (Lewis Widdowson & Dave Hirons).


LINCOLNSHIRE VICE-PRESIDENTS ASSOCIATION (Malcolm Brett, Stan Smith, Roy Tuplin, Keith Pacey).
BOSTON IBC (Phil Harris, Ann Martin, Kate Madderson, Derick Pearce).
LINCOLN IBC (Paul Smith, Amanda & Graham Esberger, Paul Ward).
LINCOLN IBC (Sylvia Staton, Margaret Dolby, Carol Staton).
LOUTH IBC (Lorraine Evans & Malcolm Wade).


LAWNS IBC (Gill Hatvani, Tommy & Maureen Lawford).
LAWNS IBC (David Barnicoat, John Day, Sue Apperly).
CENTURY IBC (Rosemary Young, Don Merlando, Barry Johnson).


NORFOLK VICE-PRESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION (Alan Dagless, John Dickerson, Roy Bailey, Peter Dodds).
NORFOLK VICE-PRESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION (Barry Sayer, Vernon Conie, Peter Vousden, Tony Foulke).
OASIS (HUNSTANTON) IBC (Bob Bell, Les Bunyan, Mike Moseley).
COUNTY ARTS BC (Marie Lutkin & Len Carr).


NORTHAMPTON & DISTRICT IBC (Ken Shears, John Verity, Barry Warner, Bob Markie).
BRACKLEY & DISTRICT BC (Gill Abbott, Roger Driver, Ross Vicars).
NORTHAMPTON & DISTRICT IBC (Malcolm Smith, Alec Thomson, William Babb, Keith Smith).
KINGSTHORPE BC (Colin Adkins, Graham Alsop, Ivan Wilson).


EREWASH IBC (Steve Cope, Malcolm George, Val & Aemon Harrop).


OXFORD & DISTRICT IBC (Caroline Gould, Sid Andrews, Mick Saunders).


WOODSPRING IBC (Graham Sansam, Derek Cooper, Eddie Hopkins).
CLARRIE DUNBAR IBC (Carole Lintern & John Clayton).
CLARRIE DUNBAR IBC (Lisa Tanner & Phil Harrison).
ST ANDREWS BC (Mike Newing, Lewis Collier, Ronald Wootten).


FELIXSTOWE IBC (Martin Patterson & Robert Baker).


MOLE VALLEY IBC (Mel Davies, Mo Bridger, Roger Dodds, David Emery).
MOLE VALLEY IBC (Trudy Ciaff, Sue Pearson, John Whyatt, Brenda Rice).

HORSHAM & DISTRICT IBC (Rita Lyford, Enid French, Heather Grant, Maggie Dellard).
CRABLANDS BC (Jean Tolhurst, Geoff & Iris Brown, Roy Tolhurst).
LITTLEHAMPTON SMBC (Doreen Briggs, Marjorie Wright, Tony Skinner, Jean Sheldon).


WELFORD-ON-AVON IBC (Tony & Diane Hopkins).


BROMSGROVE IBC (Ivan Gould, Brian Weaver, Patricia Pope).
MALVERN HILLS IBC (Alan Williams, Mike Cawley, Helen Walker, Lesley Hines).


HARROGATE IBC (Chris Wood, Cath Varley, Peter McIntyre).


HIGH STREET PRESBYTERIAN IBC (M. Simpson, J. Sands, R. Price, M.Allen).
ST CEDMA’S IBC (Ruth Campbell, Joyce Spiers, Maureen Atkinson, Debbie Sidwell).


ARBROATH IBC (Kieran Dorricott, Maurice Sivewright, Tom Allan, Bill Sharp).


SULLY IBC (Andy Smith, Eddy Fryor, Alan Thomas, Hugh Levick-Jones).

EL RANCHO BC (Henry Ryder, Jan Bright, Richard Lee).
EL RANCHO BC (Maxine & Rodney Wright, Eddie Thomson).
HORADADA BC (Pat Patton, John Jukes, Brian Patton).
LA MARINA BC (Moira Taylor, Lynne Armitage, David Taylor, Colin Armitage).


WORLD BOWLS 2016 (Sashia Schaft & Guurtje Copier).


‘CELTIC TOUR,’ TLH (Meiwwen Salmon, Val Harvey, Graham Body, Gill Razey).