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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants

SHARNBROOK BC (Jean McClenon, Enid Thomlinson, Shirley O’Shaughnessy).

ST NEOTS BC (Rebecca Moorbey, Trish Dix, Carol Leader, Hazel Wright).

SALTASH BC (Rodney Nute & Terry Hodge).
PORTHLEVEN BC (David Richards, Alistair Williams, Ian Perry, Kevin Williams).

TORQUAY BC (Pat Keay, John Batty, Eunice Griffin).

WIMBORNE BC (Trisha Pitts, Brenda Gardner, Terry Hilbourne, Jane Enticott).
BLANDFORD BC (Pat Griffin, Sue Sweatland, Judith Walters, Del Way).
SWANAGE BC (Jean Thomas, Gill Bryceson, Judy Smooker, Sue King).

TIPTREE JOBSERVE BC (Graham & Stephanie Heard, Doreen & George Cottee).
THURROCK BC (Linda Cooke, Theresa Brown, Valerie Wetton).
HOLLAND-ON-SEA BC (Barry Cooper, Malcolm Woodward, Robin Saggers, Martin Newbury).
CLOCKHOUSE (UPMINSTER) BC (Derek Churchill, Eamonn Smyth, Ken Smith, Ray Walker).
DENGIE HUNDRED BA (Tony Burke, Pam Barton, George Wears, Roger Thurgood).
GREAT BADDOW BC (Don Windus, Richard Shepherd, Jack Craig, Peter O’Shea).
BRIGHTLINGSEA BC (Kah Reyd, Angela Lightly, John Bryan, Samantha Hayward).

PAGE PARK BC (Philip Sandles, G. Challenger, Les Hudson, Brian Green).
FAIRFORD BC (Cynthia Brett, Dusty Bartlett, Sue Dyer, Ian Gelgon).
MIDGLOS IBC (Myra Savage, Alan Thompson, Jean Hardcastle).

ARGYLL BC (George Carroll, David Smith, John Crowe, Christopher Hawkins).
PORTCHESTER BC (Christine Austin, Peter Stares, Pat Ilott, Malcolm Webb).
BROCKENHURST BC (Maureen Gregory, Jeffrey Rowthorn, Pam Lawford, Ben Maskell).
WATERLOOVILLE BC (P. Davy, B. Smith, B. Sharpe, K. Tallyn).

WOOLHOPE BC (Rod Dawson, Shirley Cox, John Mills, Rebecca Cox).

WELWYN & DISTRICT BC (Norman Muller & Ian Snook).

PARKWAY BC (Howard Shipp, Ray Keating, Mike Robertson).

RYDE MARINA BC (Brian Wilders & Brian Wells).

PALM COTTAGE BC (Paul Merritt, Rod Bushen, Satish Patel).
BIBCOS BC (Bernice Russell, Jenny Salter, Diane Clarke).
CHISLET COLLIERY BC (Bob Eslea & Derek Trussell).

SKEGNESS TOWN BC (Vivien Shepherd, Jim Mackley, John Shepherd).
LOUTH IBC (Pat Wolley, Isabelle Cook, Kathleen Kimpton).

WEALDSTONE BC (Sue Higgs, Annette Sutherland, Rod Fraser, Mick O’Grady).
LADYGATE BC (Eunice Chater & Ann Bell).
DEANE PARK BC (Eric Whte, Phyllis Playfoot, Len Glynn).

OLD NEWTON BC (Darren Carter, Percy Sewell, Shaun Leeder).
NORFOLK BA LADIES (Pat Miller, Chris Bailey, Dot Evans, Lynne Quibell).

HEYFORD BC (Maureen Warner, Linda Rutherford, Bob Humphries).
KETTERING MIDLAND BAND BC (John Cater, Rob Davis, Andrew Cruickshanks, Bob Tingle).
KETTERING ATHLETIC BC (Steven Thompson, Barry Knibbs, Angela Wright).

KEYWORTH BC (Janice Baker & Lynda White).

HANBOROUGH BC (Helen Taylor, Arthur Mitchell, Anne Hare, Geoffrey Thompson).
HANBOROUGH BC (Shirley Wright, Mel Gardner, Pam Bunce, Geoffrey Thompson).
WITNEY TOWN BC (Richard Nolte, Phil Warner, Viv Comley, Tim Ludlow).
ASTON CLINTON BC (Bob Taylor, John Carter, Cathy Clark).

WINSCOMBE BC (Carol Hopes, Bob Weller, Eve Watts, Robin Lowman).
SOUTH PETHERTON BC (Phil & Chrish Jones, Gerald Meecham, Steve Lester).
WYRRAL PARK BC (John Gray, Pam Rae, David Scarrott, Ralph Packer).

SHOTFORD BC (Rudolph Oakes, Mike Morgan, Mike Bullock).

PURLEY BURY BC (Colin Firth, David Kelly, Roger Chapman, David Staples).
MILFORD BC (Ray Ash, Arthur Robins, Bob Seddon, Mike Platt).
WINDLESHAM BC (Beverley Wickings, Pam Law, Linda Cowee).

BILLINGSHURST BC (Tessa Richards, John Bennett, Alan Knight).

PERSHORE BC (Julian Ellsmore, Alan Gobbin, Glyn Harris, Malcolm Currin).

DRIFFIELD TOWN BC (Jenny Hayton & David Cawthorn).
WITHERNSEA BC (Terri McAllister, Margaret Dolan, Heather Bellamy).

WELSHPOOLTOWN BC (Rob Isaac, Ken Simpson, Tom Jones, Daniel Gough).
EASTERN VALLEY BA (Malcolm Trinder, Dion Rowles, Ray Clearly, Stephen Probert).
KENFIG HILL & PYLE LADIES BC (Pat Baddeley, Val Evans, Liz Fagg, Meira Price).

KNOCK BC (John Gourley, Jim Hughes, Clifford Bailie).
DOWNPATRICK BC (Edwina Marr, Theresa Powell, Babs Bassett, Claire Tumelty).
GREENHILLS BC (Marie McGrane, Frances McArdle, Caroline Murray, Alice Kincaid).

ST BRELADE BC (Margaret Steigenberger, Ethel Southern, Rosemary Godel, Jean Holmes).




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