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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants


TRENTHAM BC (Barry Hall, Robert Strong, David Comley, Michael Vickers).
TRENTHAM BC (Roy Want & Lauren Coles) – TWICE


GLORY MILL BC (Betty Laver, Ron Yates, Malcolm Stewart).


LITTLEPORT BC (David Page, Trevor Bailey, Norman Howe).


KENSEY VALE BC (Ray Williams, Dave Grimes, Stuart Locke, Dave Trewin).
LOSTWITHIEL BC (Julia Lean, Christine Pearce, Jacqueline Lambden, Rene Sweet).
KENSEY VALE BC (Ian Shepherd, Dave Trewin, Alex Crichton, Nick Trewin).
CAMBORNE BC (Heather Bealey, Carol Woodley, Judith Noble, Shirley Worsdall).
DUNHEVED BC (Dennis Chidley, Leighton Daniel, Bill Bonsor, Nigel Worth).
SALTASH BC (B. Dunn, Alan Mason, John Payne, J. Reynolds).
TORPOINT BC (Bert Walker, Brian Coles, Jim Duncan, Roy Canty).
PENRYN BC (Jamie Bullen, Robert Vipers, Kevin Kerslake, Marshall Curnow).
ST IVES BC (Sheryll Beckett & Rose Clegg).


SILLOTH BC (Oriole Hocking, Joyce Edwards, Sandra Gray).


ALFRETON UNITED BC (Bob Mills & Barry Holman).

COOMBE MARTIN BC (Tony Wade, John Hales, Dave Mason).
PAIGNTON BC (Greg Dowell, Pamela Medlock, Bill Adams).
GREAT TORRINGTON BC (Charles Pettican, David Oliver, Bob Hunt).
BIDEFORD BC (Margaret Headon, Minnie Day, Carol Rockey).
PLYMOUTH LIFE CENTRE IBC (Brian Hookway, Michael Woodman, John Cattle).
PLYMSTOCK BC (June Steer, Sheila Hornsby, Mike Phillips, John Hornsby).


BOURNEMOUTH IBC (Wilf Bennett, George Paddington, Alan Bryant).
WIMBORNE BC (Kevin O’Connell, Geoff Lamb, John Welch, Roy Campbell).


FALCON BC (Elizabeth & Kevin Wood).
DOVERCOURT BC (John Huckle, Doug Spencer, Keith Forsyth, Roy Petts).
WOODSIDE (LEIGH-ON-SEA) BC (Stan Berlyn, Phil Haslam, Ray Vernon).
SOUTHEND BC (Jacky & John Lovett, Richard & Eve Gimber).
PITSEA BC (Colin Hawkes, Sheena Farenden, Allan Wiliams).
FALCON BC (Danny French, Ronald Farrow, Anthony Bugden, Raymond Rayner).
THE SPRINGHOUSE BC (Kay Vice, Pauline Lowe, Marion Sealy).
TIPTREE JOBSERVE BC (John Daniells, Jan Elliott, Gordon Bazley, David Harrington).
KINGS CHASE BC (Wendy Harris & Linda Payne).
CORRINGHAM BC (Sue Knowles, Sandra Scott, Avril Webster).
RAYLEIGH LEISURE IBC (Sue & Ted Foster, Phil Murray, Derek Booth).


MIDGLOS IBC (Sally Havard, Sheila Kingswell, Tony Claydon).
MIDGLOS IBC (Mary Hanks, Steve Bluck, Peter Hanks).
WHITEHALL BC (Des Hoare, Reg Brown, Herbert Johnson, Don Nicholls).
CHELTENHAM WHADDON BC (Frank Ladbrook & Pam Parker).
CHELTENHAM SPA BC (Roy Collard, Susan Dixon, John Salmon, Pam Margrett).


BEDHAMPTON BC (Pat Hymers, Carol Hill, Brenda Reed, Val Ratcliffe).
MAYFIELD PARK BC (Angela Tebby, Angela Weir, Beryl McLean, Janice Parker).
MEON VALLEY BC (Janet Chatfield, Patrick Redding, Tony Cailes, Fred Kemp).
WATERLOOVILLE BC (Barbara Barter, Lesley Speight, Margaret Hills, Gina Allen).
GOSPORT BC (P. Tansley, N. Roderick, P. Jackson, T. Horne).
IFORD BRIDGE BC (Richard Phillips & Ian Underwood).
WATERLOOVILLE BC (Mike Hawkes, Tom Nevols, John Egerton).
ALDERSHOT UNDERWOOD BC (Maureen Cranstone, Sharon & Andrew Blight).
PURBROOK HEATH BC (Michael Anchor & Doreen Richards).
COUNTY BC (Ray Holt, Hugh Coulter, Pat McClure).
BROCKENHURST BC (Bob Mackrell & Mark Strickland).
LOCKSWOOD BC (Gillian Grindey, Jim Jupe, Rob White).


ST MARTIN’S BC (Chris Complin, John Trout, Carey Artus, Vince Ledbury).


HODDESDON & RYE PARK BC (Tony Lacey, Sue Metzner, Don Stevenson, Richard Rogers).
HATFIELD BC (Dee Morrison, Peggy Pike, Kathleen Cottington).
WELWYN & DISTRICT BC (Mike Poole, Kevin Rylett, Alwyn Challacombe, Barry Smith).


ISTEAD RISE BC (Janet George, Brian Gridley, David Williams, Wendy Hopkins).
TOWNSEND HOOK BC (Robin Shrimpton, Don Hicks, Nick Scott, Keith Holdstock).
NEW ROMNEY BC (Betty Holland, Alison Taylor, Karen Boorman).
BEARSTEAD & THURNHAM BC (Neil Bradley, Norman Stone, Paul Eldridge).
WHITE OAK IBC (Graham Withers, Laura Yardley, Denise Palmer, Tony Williams).
KEARSNEY BC (N. Torode, K. Howe, D. Hunter).
CANTERBURY BC (Leah Bamford & Mick Fisher).
VICTORIA PARK BC (Francis Knight, Bob Taylor, Lee Blewett).


OLD HUMBERSTONE BC (Graham Woods, Jenny Seal, Al Cheetham, Ken Barrett).
ENDERBY BC (Graham Mansell, Jenny Morris, Colin Hall, Alan Weston).
NEW LOUNT BC (Lynn Green, Christine Brooks, Viv Newman, Joan Biggadike).
GLENFIELD BC (Derek French, Graham Allen, John Dawson, William Hodgson).
GLENFIELD BC (David Lancaster, George Johnson, William Hodgson, John Phillips).


DUNHOLME & DISTRICT IBC (Jean & Ron Goodyear, Susan & Alan Woods).
MAREHAM LE FEN BC (Alan Parsons, Glenis Standen, Jim Bowen).


ASHFORD BC (Sally Woodhead, Wendy Bayley, Carol Stedman, Liz Dutton).


LYNNSPORT BC (J. Hiblen, P. Filby, L. Skinner).
MORLEY BC (Annette Lawrie, Pat Gale, Brian Pope).
CAWSTON BC (T. Wones, R. Hall, C. Harmer).
ACLE ST EDMUNDS BC (Lynne Cannell & Marion Himpleman).


LONGDON TERRACE BC (David Hogg & Mark Hollingworth).
WILFORD BC (Denise Summerton, John Parnham, Bob Arnold).


CLARRIE DUNBAR IBC (Ian Jones & John Warman).
SOMERTON & DISTRICT BC (Jan Dyer, Gwynneth Stafford, Myfanwy Ashton, Marlene Gibbs).
VICTORIA BC, WESTON-SUPER-MARE (Hannah Frye, Sue Cooper, Colin Gazzard, Mike Cooper).
VICTORIA BC, WESTON-SUPER-MARE (Sue Newman, Margaret Hillman, Mike Stocker, Colin Heal).
PRATTENS BC (Bernie Hunt, Ian Pratten, Colin Love, Richard Brimble).
CITY OF WELLS BC (Moly Brunt, Stephen Ringrose, Tony Rossiter, Martin Strudwick).
WYRRAL PARK BC (Wilf Hodgson, Mike Harrop, Mary Gray, Ralph Packer).
CONGRESBURY BC (Hazel Tranmer, Pat Baker, Valerie Harding, Dawn Harrison).
NORWEST BC (Mark Kite & Ron Bryant).


BOROUGH OF EYE BC (Christine Beamish & Sue Bernard).
BOROUGH OF EYE BC (Darryl & Ron Snell).
BOROUGH OF EYE BC (Barbara Salter, Emma Jessup, Janet Rush, Sue Bernard).


CARSHALTON BC (Paul & Sharon Songer).
OTTERSHAW BC (Sue Brewer, Laurie Bellfield, Reg Pritchard).
KNAPHILL BC (Penny Bruno, Carol Harding, Eileen, Crawley).
ROWLEDGE BC (David Goddard, Cherry Stone, Mehdi Akkouh)


MIDDLETON BC (Lorraine Burrage, Linda Hills, Ann Stevenson, Rosemary Gregory).
HASTINGS BC (John Roche, Pam Young, Stan Woodward).
HASTINGS ROSEMOUNT BC (James Card, John Spittles, Martyn Naylor).
FELBRIDGE BC (Frances Middleton, Ricky Williams, David Keetley).
GUESTLING BC (Jean Jenner, Ron Hewitt, Terence Blackford).
FELBRIDGE BC (Joan Stephenson, Ricky Williams, Grahame Thomson, John Dench).
WORTHING BC (David Hazlegrove, Don Clark, Mick Page, Ted Poole).
PEACEHAVEN & TELSCOMBE BC (Mike Gould, Jim Warne, Syd Tilling, Ted Giles).
HORSHAM PARK BC (Tony Bacot, Peter Kingham, Darren Reynolds, Barry Baillie).
HASTINGS BC (Len Longbottom, Marion & Michael Francis).


AMBLESIDE BC (Bev Ramsden, Sue Forster, Gwyn Wright, Pam Tallentire).


SHRIVENHAM BC (Jeanne Hurst, Maureen Powell, Cathy Hope, Helen Simpson).
ROYAL WOOTTON BASSETT BC (Clifford Daniell, Maureen Rogers, Carol Pugh, Geoff Stinchcombe).
CHIPPENHAM PARK BC (Gerry Tinson, Stewart Allison, Malcolm Drew, Martyn Whittaker).


ST DUNSTANS BC (Hilary Panting, Alan Clarke, Judith Drewer).
CHARFORD BC (Andrea Kinsella & Ann Tee).


HOWDEN BC (Eric Greenhalgh & Dorothy Hulson).
MARKET WEIGHTON BC (Harry Curtis, Steve Danby, David Smith).
WALKINGTON BC (Pat Turgoose, John Elston, Keith Bevitt).


WESTMANSTOWN BC (Emily Slevin, Veronica Manley, Susie Burke, Breeda Meyler).
58th OLD BOYS BC (Jim Hunter, Tom Gribben, Wesley Lewis, Andrew Robinson).
LAGAN VALLEY BC (Jonathan Elliott, Paul Watters, Bertie Lemon, Jeff Fawcus).
BALLYWALTER BC (Graeme Burn, Daniel Porter, John Webster, Campbell Clarke).
DOWNPATRICK BC (Derek Houston, Maurice Cullen, Kenny Kelly, Marcus Smyth).
HOLYWOOD BC (Norman Preston, Larry Gavin, Girvan Clarke, Colin Lock).


ABERYSTWYTH BC (Bert Jones, Ian Pugh, Roland Salmon).
RHOOSE BC (Keith Clements, Derek Mason, Morris Banks, Paul Williams).
PRINCE OF WALES COURT BC (Cathy Roy, Wendy Williams, Yvonne Guttridge, Monica Balkwill).
LAMPETER BC (Eddie Thomas & Elfan James).
LLANSANTFFRAID BC (Roy Parks, Joan Roberts, Ron Bevan, Luke Edwards).
ELY VALLEY BC (Ken Lloyd, Jeff Tanner, Wayne Oakley, Mike Peart).
USK SMBC (Bernard & Anne Hancock, David Howells).
BRECON BC (Derek Brown, Sam Sloan, Peter Sweet, Ian Kinsey).
WELSHPOOL TOWN BC (Sonia Hyatt, John Broxton, Martin Ward, Richard Holden).
WELSH BOWLING ASSOCIATION (Jeff Edwards, John Davies, Peter Brill, Raymond Davies).


BRACO BC (Lilian Ayre, Kathy Lewis, Dorothy Johnston, Keith Davison).


MIJAS BC (Ann Fenton, Roy Garland, Arthur Garner, Dave Wilson).