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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants


WHITEKNIGHTS IBC (Ann Jennings, Eve Bailey, Martin Brailli, Mary Parkinson).
WHITEKNIGHTS IBC (Alan Wiggins, Malcolm Giles, Jim Bland).


WHITTLESEY IBC (Martin Neary & Doris Gill).
WHITTLESEY IBC (Marlene Osborne & Eugene King).
C.M.B. BC (Wally Blazey, Roger Rawson, Vian Dack, Philip Drewery).
HUNTINGDON IBC (Janice White, Marilyn Player, Glenys Cousins, Kathy Snitch).


VERYAN IBC (Heather & Tom Nice, David Pascoe).
NEWQUAY IBC (Jim Brown, Peter Hayman, Terry Hoskin, Lionel McCarthy).

CUMBRIA IBC (Vera Trussler, Eileen Henderson, Reynold Trussler, Tom Jennings).


TORQUAY UNITED IBC (Jim Lane, Bryan Kell, Terry Hammett).
MADEIRA BC (Mary Clook, Dee Williams, David Hitt, Bob Finch).
WINKLEIGH BC (Gloria Spilstead, Peter Johnson, John Redstone).
SIDMOUTH BC (Mary Turner & Susie Bonnell).
TORBAY IBC (Heather Wagstaff, Tony Lahaive, Irene King, Harold Hunt).


DOLPHIN IBC (Jenny Lewis, Beryl Froud, Joan Eady, Caroline Wilson).
DORSET BOWLS RESORT (Claude Muscat, Pauline & Albie Frampton, Tony Massara).


HOUGHTON IBC (Marjorie Angus, John Stephenson, Stephen Tindale).
GATESHEAD IBC (Janet Gray, Lily Bradley, Celia Connelly, Maureen Charles).
DURHAM IBC (William Hill, Brian Nicholson, Joe Pearson, Ronnie Edgell).


STONYHILL IBC (Michelle Hutton, Liz Duffield, Margaret Schofield, Hazel Lister).
WEST MERSEA BC (Molly Racine, Lesley Fowler, Janet Jones, Vivianne Smith).
SOUTHEND-ON-SEA BC (W. Green, J. West, R. Moseley, M. Downs).
TYE GREEN IBC (Sylvia Attridge, Rita Moulder, Doreen Oddy, Pam Graham).


TETBURY BC (Maureen Vater & Gareth Brown).
CITY & COUNTY OF BRISTOL IBC (Kevin Prescott, Felicity Kite, Hilda Brace, William Hatherall).


CHAWTON PARK IBC (Janet Rothwell, Geoff Topp, Richard Willey).
WARNER LAKESIDE IBC (Judith Edwards & Gillian Long).
PALMERSTON IBC (Brian Hopkins, Jeff Passmore, Martin Ellis, Peter Gentry).
BANISTER PARK IBC (Valerie Hyett, Mel Doling, Sharon Smith Rod Hicks).
ROWLEDGE BC (Patricia Morgan, Gillian Green, Ian Carter, Peter Slingo).


STEVENAGE & DISTRICT IBC (Jean Stewart & Kevin McGahan).
STEVENAGE & DISTRICT IBC (Sybil Hill, Joan James, Alan Pease, Ken Barker).


HALLS BC (Martin Groombridge, Paul Meakins, Terry Farthing, Gary Carpenter).
SWALE IBC (Renee Drake, Beverley Edworthy, Colin Probert, John Russon).
WHITE OAK IBC (V. Wesbury, J. Vaisey, T. Gormanly, R. Selfe).
CYPHERS IBC (Alan Clark, Stuart Duncan, Michael Noble).


CHARNWOOD IBC (Kevin Cooke, Nic Crang, Gordon Bramwell, Chas Smith).
LEICESTER IBC (Roger Savill, Eric Hill, Grahame Fawcett, Harry Geary).
BARWELL IBC (Lila Wright, Sheila Hollaway, Doreen & Barry Payne).


LINCOLN & DISTRICT IBC (Jim Hall, Sue Rawlins, Richard Mills, Nigel Rawlins).
STAMFORD & DISTRICT IBC (Joy Winfield, Beryl Francis, Charlies Baillie).
HORNCASTLE IBC (David Benson, Terry Kilpin, Colin Sutton, John Day).


HOUNSLOW IBC (Diane Bowd, Pamela Headd, Ron Schofield, Kenneth Baker).


DISS & DISTRICT IBC (Derek Rookyard, Clifford Goddard, Phillip Alderton, Eric Rawsthorne).
ACLE IBC (Fran Pope, Mary Sullivan, Mick Hart, Ken Scott-Greenard).
ACLE IBC (Norma Jones, Margaret Manning, David Jones, Ken Copeman).
LYNNSPORT IBC (Linda Pitcher, Peter Allum, Melvyn Pitcher).
ACLE IBC (T. Punchard, B. Oakley, P. Randell).
ROUNDWOOD IBC (Glenda Cox, Justin Gerrard, Roger Bassham).


KINGSTHORPE BC (Joan Clifton, Christine Brazier, David Royce, Brian Clifton).
RUSHDEN IBC (Dennis Price, Bob Winyard, Jim Clark, Derek Eggleton).
CONSERVATIVE BC, CORBY (Albert Tattersal, Barbara Ruff, Leslie Young).
DAVENTRY IBC (Carol & Reg Kershaw).


BASSETLAW IBC (Judith Bryan, Jan Hodgkiss, Avril Binch).
NOTTINGHAM IBC (Mick Ensor, Joy Hurst, Berni Saunders).

SHREWSBURY IBC (Jason Johnson & Ernie Shea).


YEOVIL BC (Eileen Ewens, Hannah Crinks, Brian Hinder, Stanley Best).
ILMINSTER BC (Norma Pugh, Owen Mico, Ken Parker, Tony Bickle).
TAUNTON DEANE IBC (Elsie & John Berry).
TAUNTON DEANE IBC (Sue Cridland & Rick Farley).
ISLE OF WEDMORE BC (Maureen Hordle, Bob Deardon, Audrey & Alan Birch).


TAMWORTH IBC (David Payne, Ken Orme, Bob Love).


LAKENHEATH IBC (Stephen Gill, Derek Bloomfield, David Wortley).
SUDBURY BC (Keith Trainer, Steve Young, Steve Harris, Alan Border).


CROYDON BC (Myrna Walsh, Ruth Rassou, Keith Pearson, Michael Howard).
RUSHMOOR IBC (Elaine Milnes, Mike May, Brenda Jackson, Geoff Ringrose).


LANGNEY SPORTS IBC (Peter Harper, Ron Bonson, Phil Green, Gary Selvey).
LITTLEHAMPTON SMBC (Edward Hull, Michael Sherwood, Janet Denyer, Jean Sheldon).
ARUN IBC (Eileen Fitch, Kathy Burnard, Lynn Hathaway, Marion Richards).


HALIFAX BC (Derek Finch & Stewart Wright).
HALIFAX BC (Ray Fearnley, Eileen Dovernor, Rodney Collinge, Peter Grant).


MITCHELSTOWN BC (Dave Casey, Phil & Tom Lawton, Richard Cahill).
JETHRO COMMUNITY BOWLERS (Edward Bowles, Noel Orr, Jim Kinkead, Malachy Grimley).
TOBERDONEY BC (James McCandless, Anna Thompson, Bertie White, Roy Morrison).
MIDDLETON IBC (Vera Taylor, Con & Callie O’Sullivan, Elizabeth Butler).


GALLEON IBC (Maureen Smith, Margaret Livingstone, Ann Banks, Linda McCain).
GALLEON IBC (Karen Lamont, Agnes Calman, Mary Wilson, Irene Gold).
FRASERBURGH IBC (Gordon Young, George Gow, George Young, Alan Cruickshank).


CALDECOT U3A SMBC (David Jeffries & Phil Skinner).
CALDECOT U3A SMBC (Joan Carey & Phil Skinner).
CALDECOT USA SMBC (Ron Wormald & Richard Burton).
NEWPORT IBC (R. McMullin, D. Gwatkin, M. Tait, D. Brine).
SWANSEA IBC (Jack Phelps, Richard Neville, Hugh Williams, Ken McMurray).
TREGARON BC (Jan Davies, Anne Lewis, John Powell, John Lewis).
CALDECOT U3A SMBC (David Jeffries & Roland Carey).
OGWR IBC (Lynda Hopkin, Lynda Thomas, Jean Jones, Wendy Williams).
PORT TALBOT LADIES IBC (Julie Edmunds, Lella James, Lynda Jones, Christine Harries).
OGWR IBC (David Jackson, Howard Porter, J. R. Griffiths, G. Nicholas).


MONTE MAR BC (Joan Harding & Alan Ashberry).
MIJAS LBC (Carol Wright, Pam Hanon, Roy Garland, Roberto Wright).
EMERALD ISLE BC (Sheila Howcroft, Tony Harris, Alan Howcroft).
VISTABELLA BC (Jenny Chaplin, Sue Norris, Ian Kenyon).
DON PABLO BC (Jenny Aldridge, Geoff Edginton, Garry Aldridge).


BALAIA BC (Lynn King & Janet Wilson).