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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants


LUTON TOWN BC (Alan Taylor, Jonathan Stokes, Christopher Swann).
BIGGLESWADE TOWN BC (Peter Horlock & Jackie Bryant).
POTTON BC (Peter Hutchinson, Graham Arnold, Mike Abbey).


SUTTONS BC (Tim Curren, Pete Swinn, Ed Francis, Chris Hitt).
GREAT HOLLANDS BC (Sheila Horton, Gareth Jenkins, Sheila Readings, John Preston).
ROYAL HOUSEHOLD BC (Marsha Nicholson, Linda Eumorfopoulos, Mark Stanley, Robin Trevett).
MAIDENHEAD THICKET BC (Tony Gwilliam, Ken Scowen, Brian Bannister, Rodney Richardson).


RICHINGS PARK BC (Gary Masters, Jeff Jacobs, Bob Matthews).
NEWPORT PAGNELL BC (Paul Clark, Chris Cole, Mick Evens).
STONY STRATFORD BC (Carol Jones, David Early, Tom Britten, Tony Caunt).


STRETHAM BC (Barbara Benge, Albert Jackson, Ken Thornton).
WERRINGTON BC (Janet Bright, Sue Brown, Mike Triner).
CMB BC (David Tolliday, Tony Hickson, Andy McEwan, Neil Parnell).
HOUGHTON & WYTON BC (G. Rhodes, A. Hinchcliffe, T. Grantham, W. Kirkwood).
EYNESBURY BC (Tony Ray & Kenny McShane).


ST AUSTELL BC (Pat Brunskill, Pat Richards, Helen Robinson, Brenda Colston).
KENSEY VALE BC (Peter Stephens, Ray Williams, Dave Grimes, Dave Trewin).
VERYAN IBC (Tom Starns, David Shepperson, Lesley Pollard, Peter Gaffney).
CORNWALL COUNTY VICE-PRESIDENTS BA (Peter Tonkin, Andy Webber, Tony Collins, Keith Sargent).
WADEBRIDGE BC (Margaret & John Menhinick).
BODMIN BC (Neil Scott, Maurice Sparham, Robert Blackhall, Geoffrey Bunt).
NEWQUAY TRENANCE BC (Brenda Frogley, Josie Gillingham, Veronica Burbridge).


BRAMPTON BC (Vera Warwick, Marian Campbell, Susan Kay).
LAZONBY BC (Tom Watt, Rita Timperon, Nora Newton).


BUDLEIGH SALTERTON BC (Ann Vincent, Mo Bond, Marilyn Jackson).
PAIGNTON TORBAY BC (Paul Gardiner, William George, Terry Deaville, Dennis Crown).
HEMYOCK BC (Lynn Taylor, Barbara Heaton, Sandra Featherstone, Margaret Brotheridge).
PLYMPTON BC (Michael Kevern, Tony Old, Jim Black, Ray Willey).
MADEIRA BC (Richard Prince, Betty Roberts, David Moody).
TOTHILL BC (Wayne Powney, Kevin O’Neill, Sandy Lynch, Brian Shepherd).
ABBROOK PARK BC (John Davison, John Hopkins, Keith Dunn, Norrie Wilson).


SWANAGE BC (Linda Wallis, Madeline Love, Jean Thomas, Gill Bryceson).
WEST MOORS MEMORIAL BC (David Sibley, Graham Reynolds, Derek Francis, Dave Bird).
BRAESIDE BC (David Deller, Ken Riley, Brian Morrell, Alan Cobb).


R.H.P. (CHELMSFORD) BC (John Harrison, Vic Hilson, Paul Andrews, Ray Johannessen).
ESSEX COUNTY BC (David Lintott, Keith Mullinger, William Parrack).
CASTLE POINT BC (Brian Blake, George Cripps, Tom White).
ESSEX COUNTY BC (Peter Wheeler, David Moore, Brian Oxley).
COLCHESTER BOROUGH BA (Jean Dent, Ken Robson, Barry Arnold, Joan Howlett).
WOODFORD BC (Janet Catmur, Muriel Ansell, Valerie Smith, Janet Hutchins).
HATFIELD PEVEREL BC (Brian Butler, Andrew Hood, Sheila Butler).
BUCKHURST HILL BC (John Pretty, Alan Weatherley, Charlie Williams).
DANBURY BC (Jackie Haggerty, Margaret Hinsley, Liz Adams, Cherry Richardson).


BRISTOL ST ANDREWS BC (Trevor Wheeler, Ken Williams, Darren Stanley, Steve Hunt).
FAIRFORD BC (Bob Deavin, Peter Oakey, Dave Lawrence, Roger Righton).
MIDLGLOS IBC (Roy Wilbraham, Rona Partridge, Dave Owen).
MIDGLOS IBC (Jen Veale, Graham Whiting, Graham Hayles).
CAM MILLS BC (Andrew Jones, Ted Taylor, Karen Crowcombe, Dave Smith).
BRISTOL BC (Keith Mills, Keith Stone, Mike Curtis).
OLVESTON & DISTRICT BC (Angela Greenslade, Peter Taylor, Malcolm Mullins, Eric Fairweather).
BRISTOL BC (Briam Mercer, John Bawdon, David Manning, Colin Henry).


SOUTHAMPTON (OLD) BOWLING GREEN BC (Richard Haynes, Bob Turlin, Keith Vine, Martin Marum).
WATERLOOVILLE BC (Pam Bailey, Beryl Coupland, Linda McWilliam).
ANDOVER BC (John Ash, Robert Still, John Allenby).
WATERLOOVILE BC (Roy Handley, Paul Buckley, Frank Money, Bob Pitman).
PEMBROKE GARDENS BC (Carol Reynolds, Derek Drew, Paul McDermott).
ATHERLEY BC (Derrick Fulker, David Murray, David Blogg).
WATERSIDE BC (Sandra Withers, Pamela Mold, Mary Ward).
BRAESIDE BC (Diana Grace & Peter Knight).
WATERLOOVILLE BC (Philip Sanders, Peter Blewden, Peter Barter).
LOCKSWOOD BC (John Windust, John Duhig, Paul Jarvis, Andy Dawson).
FARNBOROUGH BC (Harrison Ash, Chris Henderson, Keith Dunstone, Geoff Chadd).
MARNELL BC (Sue Lomax, Peter Dell, Ray Wheatley).
DENMEAD BC (Christine Bailey, Christine Macey, Patricia Jeffreys, Cyndy Goldacre).
BRIDGEMARY BC (Jan Jacobs, Audrey Sitch, Kay Hiscox, Chris Clark).
FOUR MARKS BC (Sheila Martin, John Warner, Margaret Leppard).
LEE-ON-THE-SOLENT BC (Alan Calder, Pam Durant, Les Davis, Peter Gentry).
ROMSEY BC (Kevin Stokes, Malcolm Moore, Sheldon Ainsworth, Charles Davey).
FARNBOROUGH BC (John Moorcroft, Alec Sharman, Keith Dunstone).
BROCKENHURST BC (Lynda Henderson, Jean Lees, Janet Blizzard).
IFORD BRIDGE BC (Ray Higgins, Barry Short, Malcolm Chater, Tony Connor).
GOSPORT BC (P. Tansley, N. Roderick, T. Horne, S. Batcheler).
MILFORD-ON-SEA BC (Robert Perkins, David Poulton, Peter Kaye, Timothy Capron).
MAYFIELD PARK BC (Dave Palframan & Geoff Butt).


EASTNOR BC (Cynthia Brookes, Gordon Richie, Jen Welch, Don Pugh).
KINGSLAND BC (Ian Smith, Margaret Read, Cliff Knight, John Culver).


BERKHAMSTED BC (Gary Fisher & Maurice Primo).
POTTEN END BC (Sandra Gomm, Pam Smith, Mike Goodson, Andy Dykes).
METROPOLITAN POLICE (BUSHEY) BC (John Rankin, Dinith Plant, Stuart Sharp).
BISHOP’S STORTFORD BC (Brenda Bennett & Philip Clewes-Garner).
POTTERS BAR BC (Mary Dick, Eric Marriner, Mary Steed, Alan Dick).
RIVERAIN BC (Judith & Alan O’Reillym, Bob Wells).
LETCHWORTH GARDEN CITY BC (Bob Rogan, Dave Haggar, Keith Caastle, Paul Billson).


VENTNOR BC (Angela Howes, Mavis Wilson, Sheila Arnott).
BEMBRIDGE BC (Peter Hudson & Christopher Emms).
PLESSEY BC (Pat Black, Margaret Hirst, Jean Knight, Brenda Ensor).
PLESSEY BC (Barbara Herbert, Jenny Barker, Viv Jenkins, John Herbert).
NEWPORT BC (Dave Aitken, Garry Clifford, Paul Walker, Don Ridett).
SHANKLIN BC (Pamela White, Carol Lleyveldt, Natalie Russell, Maureen Harden).


ELTHAM BC (Roy Dyson, Dave Rust, Keith Brown, Alan Wood).
KNOCKHOLT BC (Geoff Kemp, Brian George, Steve Payne).
BORSTALL HEATH BC (Pat Parker, Stan Parr, David Capocci, Mel Thorpe).
TILMANSTONE BC (Moira Brown & David Coburn).
PLUMSTEAD COMMON BC (Peter Danpure & Tom Errington).
CRANBROOK BC (Anthony Weller, Gill Bunch, Clive Boodle).
BROADSTAIRS & ST PETERS BC (Linda & Brian McRitchie).


SHEPSHED BC (John Best, Graham Tuckwood, Graham Middleton, Graham Knights).
COUNTESTHORPE BC (Joe Abbott, Mick Clarke, Keith Riddlestone, Terry Baines).
BATTRAM BC (Kevin Collyer, Derek Bonser, Mark English, Barry Bonser).
WYMESWOLD BC (Bill Ward, Rob Yeomans, Norman Booty).


MARKET DEEPING BC (Dennis Goodacre, Pam Riggs, David McVitie).
GOODFELLOWS (FOSDYKE) SMBC (Susan Hoyles, Jim Mountain, Stuart Moore).
STAMFORD IBC (Arthur Popple, Judy & Tony Barwell).
LANGTOFT PEARL BC (Anne White, Angela Cox, Peter White).
MAREHAM BC (Glenis Standen & Robin Wells).
MARDEN BC (Carole Neve, Jenny Wilton, De Maxa, Norma Clements).
SUTTON-ON-SEA BC (Wendy Mills, Joy Doehren, Brian Norris).
MARKET DEEPING BC (Muriel & Peter Allen, Alex Denniston).
LANGTOFT PEARL BC (Peter Cox, Josh Homewood, Richard Montgomery).
SUTTON-ON-SEA BC (Mary Horton, Joy Doehren, Frank Cant).
BLACKSTONES BC (Peter Bagshaw, Darren Middleton, Dusty Miller).
MARKET DEEPING BC (Martin Hawkes, Julie Nolan, Mick Page).
MARKET DEEPING BC (Richard Smith, Terry Cooper, Alex Denniston).


BISHOP DUPPAS BC (Tina Cooper, Mark Williamson, Tom Street, Steve Gibson).
CENTURY BC (Peter Wilcock & Nikola Zelenovic).
EASTCOTE BC (Karen Peirce & Ray Cole).


COUNTY ARTS BC (Brian Sayer, Carol Schnadhorst, David Carney).
ALDISS PARK BC (Sid Buck, Richard Scott, Tony Benham).


RUSHDEN TOWN BC (Blanche Cox, Alan Howell, Barry Waterfield).
NORTHAMPTON BOYS BRIGADE OLD BOYS BC (Francis Anderson, Debbie Bradshaw, Dawn & Richard Lovesey).
NORTHAMPTON & DISTRICT IBC (Pamela Lawson, Sandra Toomey, Albert Butler, Michael Toomey).


WHITLEY & MONKSEATON BC (Mary Christopher, Bill Turnbull, Alan Thompson).
WHITLEY & MONKSEATON BC (Brian Roberts, George Chapman, Steve Graham).


WOLLATON BC (Ray Pope, David Smith, Albert Sheard, Ian Franklin).


CLEVEDON PROMENADE BC (Simon Fudge, Derek Knowles, Keith Chaney, Chris Crees).
YEOVIL BC (Lisa Veiga, Emily Corner, Mo Monkton, Edna Bessell).
CONGRESBURY BC (John Freemantle, Roy King, Ross Keddy, Roger Becker).
CONGRESBURY BC (Barry Baker, Ross Keddy, David Byett, Reg Birmingham).
CONGRESBURY BC (Chris Wilcock, Dot Davis, Angela Jones, Kate Herbison).
TAUNTON DEANE BC (Isobel Rymell, Trevor Keates, Tony Foxwell).
TAUNTON DEANE BC (Gerry Norris, Sue Wilcox, Dave Mapledoram, Sadie Lloyd).
KEYNSHAM BC (Adrian Parker, Jerry Reynolds, John Trowbridge, Ian Tweedie).


BOOKHAM BC (Robin McKinnies & Steve Edmonds).
WEYBRIDGE BC (Joan Brooks, Jack Renton, Carol Hopkins).
PIPPBROOK BC (Fred Hatton, Lyn Palmer, Peter Leach).
LEATHERHEAD BC (Mavis Andrews & Cecil Lucas).
WALLINGTON BC (Geoff Collier, Ray Stainfield, Keith Woods, Geoff Farnish).
HORSELL BC (Elizabeth Cole & Tricia Nigh).
ADDLESTONE VICTORY PARK BC (Ken Deane, Alan Isted, Mike Gadd).
TONGHAM BC (Kath Evans, Chris Jordon, Tommy Smith, Les Evans).
PRIORY PARK BC (Anne Litting, Derek Ware, Cliff Brace).
WEST BYFLEET BC (Don McWilliam, David Caddick, Peter Jordan, Colin Thomas).


THE DOWNSMAN BC (Peter Selby, Terry Priest, Tony Rogers).
WORTHING IBC (Rosemary Phillips & Sheila Broad).
WOODINGDEAN BC (Mike Biggs, Debbie Juden, Ian Prior, Tony Mercer).
HERSTMONCEUX BC (Hazel Tozer, John Hobden, Keith Cottingham).
MIDHURST BC (Howard Seymour, Malcolm Hutchings, Terry Berry).
BLOOMFIELD BC (Lynn Newport, Robin Oatley, Sue Leigh, Gren Ingleson).
MALTRAVERS BC (Brenda Coller, Maz Howe, Sue Dyball, Barbara Butcher).
PARADE BC (Joe Watts, Charles Gowler, Alan Sulley, Richard Derbyshire).
HENFIELD BC (Jackie Wilson & Karen Kennedy).
BRIGHTON BC (Carol Funnell, Janet & Geoff Harris, Howard Funnell).
MARINE GARDENS BC (Doreen Dickson, Fernando Grixti, Terry Urben).
WOODINGDEAN BC (Joe Smith, Rob Carter, Chris Matthews, Ian Prior).
MARESFIELD BC (Sally Geddes, Greg Roberts, Vivien Crowther).
HAYWARDS HEATH & BEECH HURST BC (Anita Rymer, Gill Thompson, Jill Saunders, Maureen Topley).
THE CROUCH BC (Gwen Coward & Mike Early).
FELBRIDGE BC (Sally Knight & Keith Gould).
MARINE GARDENS BC (Mike Hitchin & Pauline Hughes).
SUSSEX MEN’S VICE PATRONS (David Jackson, Rod McBeth, Ian Ford, John Collins).
HASTINGS ROSEMOUNT BC (Dave Bleathman & Martyn Naylor).
SEAFORD BC (Roberta Lenham, Arthur Feist, Jeff Winder, Colin Turner).
HAYWARDS HEATH & BEECHHURST BC (Eileen Waddingham, John Harland, Gillian Thompson, Brian Goatman).
MIDHURST BC (Alan Ricketts, Bob Butterfield, Jack Lee, Gerald Dixon).
SIDLEY MARTLETS BC (Peter Crockett, Ian Catling, Michael Nye).
SIDLEY MARTLETS BC (Danny Dargan, Brian Osborne, Ian Catling, Michael Deeprose).
FISHBOURNE BC (Sue Lewis, Christina Lankshear, Allan Marsh).
CROUCH BC (Victor Burrowes, Derek Payne, Peter Johnson, David Grimley).


NUNEATON BC (Tony Cook, Ray Harrison, Steve Owen, Stewart Smith).
WARWICKSHIRE COUNTY BA (Graham O’Donohue, Dick Taylor, Mick Reardon, Pete Storer).
HIGHWAY BC (R. Weare, C. Vipond, G.Taylor, T. Bennett).


BROUGHTON GIFFORD BC (Neil Parkinson, Hayden Arlett, Steve Hockings, Trevor Cooke).
WESTLECOT BC (Gwyneth Williams, Betty Thomas, Geraldine Reade, Carole Coombs).
WROUGHTON BC (Bronwen Rees, Julie White, Jill Webb, Babs Salter).
HAYDON WICK BC (Vic Waites, Martin Edwards, Tony Bluett).
WANBOROUGH BC (R. Ferguson, A. Glasscoo, R. Merry, D. Woodbridge).
DOWNTON BC (David Emm, Mike Dawkins, Neil Gillespie, David Colgrave).
DOWNTON BC (Ron Poore, Gordon Emm, Alan Foster, Dave Galpin).


ST DUNSTANS BC (Terrie Mackie, Robin Thurlby, Ray Owen).


WIGGINTON BC (Fred Whur, Graham Davies, John Freeman, John Baxter).
MIDDLESBROUGH BC (M. Ayres, P. Rowland, L. Dring, S. Slaughter).
DRIFFIELD REC BC (Margaret Bailey, Stewart Clark, Andy Baxter, Tina Robinson).
DRIFFIELD REC BC (Diana Kirby, Chris Musgrave, Ann Burnell, Stewart Clark).
BILLINGHAM BC (Mary Small, Maurice Spence, Joe Watson, Eric Wildman).
YORKSHIRE BA (Jeanette Daly, Margaret Lambert, June Ogden, Janet Green).
GILBERDYKE BC (J. Nicholson & A. Mason).
BEVERLEY TOWN BC (Carl Johnson, Eric Boon, Denis Cheater).
EGGBOROUGH BC (Leslie Spruce, Geoff Potton, Nigel Adamson).
LITTLE WEIGHTON BC (Mick Taylor & Judy Wood).
WEST PARK BC (Michael Hall & Paul Walker).
NORTH FERRIBY BC (Sheila Brazier & Alan Frankish).
WIGGINTON BC (Bill Tomlinson, Julie Carver, Jane Stockton).
NORTHALLERTON BC (Patricia Robinson & Roger Tomlinson).
WITHERNSEA BC (Jean Spink, Betty Coburn, Carol Doak).
HOLME ON SPALDING MOOR BC (Margaret Fisher & John Hemming).
TOPCLIFFE BC (Raymond Fothergill, Malcolm Bloor, Arthur Bennison, Maurice Aconley).


THOMASTOWN BC (Philip Davies, Malcolm Siddle, Nathan Rees, Alex Davies).
LAMPETER BC (Ron Thomas & Steve Entwistle).
BARRY ROMILLY BC (Kenneth Westgate, Clive Tapscott, Paul Clarke, Robert Wyatt).
GLYNEATH LADIES BC (Betty Lewis & Julie Davies).
BEDDAU BC (Keith Ward, Jeff Seldon, David Gould, Jim Smith).
BUILTH WELLS BC (Cledwyn Lloyd, Leon Griffiths, Tim Worts, Steve Jones).
NEYLAND BC (Brian Beare, Morgan Hughes, Margaret Sanders, Alan King).
TROEDYRHIW BC (Les Aubrey, Malcolm John, Tony Hellin, Thomas Cunningham).
SWANSEA BC (Enda Gormley, Justin Andersen, Colin Morgan, Celia Jones).
PARC WILLIAMS BC (Alan Lewis, Frank Ellis, Geoff Sanger, Bryn Jones).
PENARTH BC (Christina Church, Lynda Williams, Sue Croll, Belinda Price).
PENDINE & DISTRICT BC (Jamie Shields, Eric Davies, Curt Rance, Stewart Thomas).
MACKINTOSH BC (Pat Morgan, Carla Carpanini, Jeanette Parsons, Sylvia Lloyd).
KENFIG HILL & PYLE BC (Enid Lloyd, Gillian Howell, Susan Founds, Meira Price).
EBBW VALE WELFARE LADIES BC (Frances Takel, Anne Hughes, Julia Williams, Ann Lewis).
LLANDYSUL BC (Elaine Taylor, Linda Kenworthy, Gwenda Evans, Sally Davies).


BALLYWALTER BC (Harry Hedley, Terry Aitcheson, Colin Gribben, Ivan McNamara).
KILREA LADIES BC (Sandra Warwick, Joan Wells, Margaret McCart, Masie Stewart).
BALLYMENA BC (Eva Gage, Maree Houston, Donna McCloy, Barbara Cameron).
WILLOWFIELD BC (Marie Halliday, Helen McCracken, Margaret Currie, Anne Duckett).
ANTRIM LAWN BC (Irwin McBurney, Fred Coulter, Jack Marks, Tom Evans).
BALLEE BC (Eileen Connor, Patricia Kearney, Jayne Caven).
ARDS BC (Fran Feeley, Patricia Martin, Pauline Anderton, Anne Drysdale).
CASTLE BC (Peter McCoubrie, Paul McKinnie, David Armstrong, Jim Bell).
KNOCK BC (Robert Lennox, Eddy Gregson, Jim Gallagher, Charlie Costley).
KENILWORTH BC (Al Connor, Paul Griffin, Harry Sargent, Pat Fitzgerald).
CURRAN BC (J.McCarron, W. Blair, J. Dodsworth, T. Porter).
CURRAN BC (Eddie McCartney, Tommy McCauley, Roger Crawford, Raymond Robinson).
SHAFTESBURY BC (William McMillan, Harold Gilmour, John Neill, George Fulton).
HOLYWOOD BC (Marvin McJury, David McIlhagger, Robert Mullen, Robert McAteer).
DUNGANNON LADIES BC (Barbara Parker, Breige Donnelly, Jean Boyd, Jean Macoscar).

ST FERGUS BC (Alexander Thomson, Fiona Henderson, Alan Mulraine).
GOUROCK PARK BC (George Twaddle, Phil Owens, Iain McShane Snr, Robert Harron).
LENZIE BC (Sandra Atkinson & Sandra Burns).
FETTERCAIRN BC (Betty & Bill Brandie).
COMRIE BC (Colin Howat & Ron Duthie).



LA SIESTA BC (Penny & John Porter, John Lincoln).



ST SAVIOUR’S BC (William Blampied & John Le Goff).
ST BRELADE BC (Lloyd Dorey, Clarrie Syvret, Jim Monamy, Tony Morton).