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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants


AMPTHILL BC (John Blore, Brett Burnage, Ray Outridge, Colin Beal).


WHITEKNIGHTS IBC (Jean Burton, Gloria Reeve, Shirley Latham, Sheila Cooley).
WEST BERKS IBC (Brian Morris, Denis Pocock, Ty Applin).


CHALFONT ST GILES BC (Hazel Baker, Pam Anderson, Michael Alderton).
FOXHILL IBC (Maureen Peacock, Mick McStay, Linda Hewins, Geof Roberts).


WHITTLESEY IBC (Ann Killgallon & Viv Snushall).
HEMINGFORD BC (Barry Newman & John Mitchley).


SALTASH SMBC (Margaret Goodwin, Janet Moyse, Peter Skinner, Graham Reeves).
BODMIN BC (Barbara Harding, Neil Scott, David Metcalf, Lou Quint).


EDEN IBC (Pearl Johnston & Geoffrey Steele).
PENRITH IBC (Hillary Squires & Graham Roberts).


DOLPHIN IBC (Doug Mayhew, David Terrell, Brian Manuel).
DOLPHIN IBC (Jean Martin, Gerald Lewis, Colin Mitchell).
DOLPHIN IBC (Wilf Scott, Mike Maidment, Joe Blackburn, Len Eady).
DOLPHIN IBC (Ron Nicholls, Bob Carpenter, Brian Norris).
MOONFLEET 2000 IBC (David Broad & Norman Byden).
DOLPHIN IBC (J. Elliott, J. Dicks, J. Lewis, A. Mousley).


GATESHEAD IBC (James Taylor & John Stephenson).


HORNCHURCH IBC (Pam Turnbull, Pam & Garry Gatenby-Taylor, Ken Guest).
ILFORD & DISTRICT IBC (Sandra Dupuy, Terry Ryan, Doris Riches, Marion Bond).
ESSEX COUNTY BC (B. Todd, D. Bryant, T. Pugsley, M. Page).
BARKING BC (Julie White, Dot Mardle, Jean Playell, Maureen Murrell).
HAVERING IBC (Pam Price, Linda & Trevor Collins, Brian Price).
TYE GREEN IBC (Francis Czuba, Martin Peacocke, James Heppel, Trevor Hackett).
SOUTHEND IBC (Graham Evans, Barry Lorkin, Geoff Bromley).
FORD SPORTS (BASILDON) BC (Olive Budden, Howard Daines, Brian Gregory, Malcolm Francis).
COLCHESTER IBC (John Hunt, Pat Barnett, John Higgleton, Roy Davidson).
GALLEYWOOD SMBC (Barbara Camp, Helen Wright, Anne Peters, Barry Foreman).


CITY & COUNTY OF BRISTOL IBC (Wendy Toman, Josie Webber, Kevin Griffiths, Lewis Toman).
MIDGLOS IBC (Carole Collins, Carolee Brookes, Jon Horrill, Nathan Kitchen).
BISHOPS CLEEVE BC (Carol Poole, Doreen Dyer, David Humphries, John Dyer).


LODDON VALE IBC (Meg Lewis, Stella Atkins, Mary-Ann Chadwick, Karen Winter).
STUBBINGTON SMBC (V. Keal, M. Pennycott, K. Hiscox, A. Penton).
PALMERSTON IBC (David Boggust, Alan Sanger, Mike Coleman).
PALMERSTON IBC (Paul Nicholls & Tony Cole).


CHESHUNT IBC (John Oliver, Maurice Cullum, Norma Boad, Joan Ash).


ASHFORD IBC (Linda Harper, Clare Cunningham, Lilian Miell, Dot Servante).
ASHFORD IBC (Peter Maughan, David White, Bert Douglas, John Kirk).
BROMLEY IBC (Peter Gibson, Joan Cunningham, Dot Snow).
BROMLEY IBC (Derek Camp, Stella Wright, Tim Vane, Freda Collings).
ASHFORD IBC (Jan Crawford, Carol James, Ann Laidler, Mo Hayes).
DARTFORD STONE LODGE IBC (Peter Butler, Maisie & Brian Carpenter, Malcolm Searles).
CHISLET CAVALIERS SMBC (John Court, Jim Bellingham, John Rains).


SLEAFORD & DISTRICT IBC (David Bristow, John Dawson, Aubrey Bristow).
LOUTH IBC (Silvia & Derek Woodforth, Bernice Culham).
SKEGNESS IBC (Margaret Humphreys, Maurice Thorold, Murial Coulson, Alan Brummitt).
SKEGNESS IBC (Jackie McAlindon, Brenda Manning, Roy Witherington, Ray Tasker).
BOSTON IBC (Oliver & Stuart Moore, Rod West, Scott Whyers).
SCUNTHORPE IBC (June Tomlinson, Margaret Ellis, Gordon Bissett, Edna Cook).
STAMFORD IBC (Thelma Story & Gino Vassallo).


GLEBELANDS IBC (Joan Fowler, Alan Simons, Gary Lucas).


NORFOLK BC (Louise Knights, Louise Catchpole, Rebecca Field).


DUSTON BC (Aileen Roberts, Bryan Newton, Eileen Sleigh, Derek Rowson).
DUSTON BC (David Warner, Margaret Newport, Sue Lane, Heather Newton).
IRCHESTER BC (Eunice & Bruce Carney, Brenda Lawrence, Shirley Ongley).


OXFORD CITY & COUNTY BC (Gill Scott, Betty Marriott, Pat Claridge, Pat Strange).
OXFORD CITY & COUNTY BC (Elaine Gethins, Kath Hadris, Eric Treloggan, Margaret Johnston).
CHINNOR SMBC (Rosemarie Millard, Jan Miller, Chris Millard).


CLARRIE DUNBAR IBC (Charlie Robinson, Kevin Brixey, Colin Easton, Russell Francis).
CLARRIE DUNBAR IBC (Keith Haines, John Arnold, Dave Pitcher, Colin Easton).
NORTH PETHERTON BC (John Difford, Bryan Lancastle, Marlene Biddiscombe, Valerie Lancastle).
PURNELL BC (Ann Ferris, Keith Down, Reg Towler, Ron Ferris).


TAMWORTH IBC (Alan Tarpey & John Sawle).


MEADLANDS IBC (Brian O'Shea, Joyce Walton, Roy Gladwell).
RISBYGATE IBC (Anne Southgate, Ann Tinkler, Jo Hornsby, Avril Nicholls).
MID SUFFOLK BC (Ellena Skoulding, Keith Gooch, Danny Sweeney).


CAMBERLEY IBC (Bill Dickie, David Hayes, Martin Wood, Dave Harding).
MOLE VALLEY IBC (Guy Tortise, Mike Edger, David Read, Richard Wilson).
CAMBERLEY IBC (Lyn Coupland, Roger Honeysett, Carolyn Lythgoe, Brian Hogg).
KING GEORGE FIELD IBC (Anne Hoffmann, Val & Mike Biddiscombe, Derek Hoffmann).


EAST WORTHING SMBC (Jo Patience, Joan Kilham, Keith Culver, Ron Kilham).
WEALDEN IBC (Gloria Dowding, Tommy Towner, John Stevens, Wendy Botfield).
FRANT SMBC (Peter McDonald, Hazel Sands, Richard Chapman).
NYETIMBER SMBC (Stella Singleton, Michael Biggs, Nigel Plummer, Barbara Crew).
ADUR IBC (Sue Willard & Gina Symons).
LANCING SMBC (Dorothy Stokes, Jill Reason, Keith Hope).


CITY OF BIRMINGHAM IBC (Carol Bettam, Joe Walsh, Audrey Cox, John Godfrey).
CITY OF BIRMINGHAM IBC (Joe Walsh & Gareth Evans).
SOLIHULL IBC (George Morrison, Bob Maskell, Paul Jones, Richard Dowler).


CHRISTIE MILLER IBC (Tessa Gallagher, Malcolm Hole, Colin Easton, Marcia Hartley).
NORTH WILTS IBC (Ted Watson, Tony Putterill, Chris Farrell, Roy Oram).


MALVERN HILLS IBC (Anne Woodhead, Sally Hall, Roger Avery, Michael Bishop).


HARROGATE IBC (Lynda & Alan Winstanley).
SELBY BC (Barbara James & Joan Harrand).
MARKET WEIGHTON BC (Steve Danby, Margaret Dykes, David Coultas).
MARKET WEIGHTON BC (Sylvia Neville, Eva Dayes, Lesley Saunders).
HALIFAX BC (David Bowden & David Atkinson).
HALIFAX BC (David Atkinson, Eddie Hodgson, Ken Sharkey, Derek Cawthra).
HALIFAX BC (Les Holmes, Sylvia Allott, Pauline & Philip Holroyd).
MARKET WEIGHTON BC (Rhonda Barnes, Edna Keithley, Margaret Dykes).


CULLEN BC (Mabel Stewart & Daniel Cook).
ABERDEEN IBC (May Webster, Ruby Ingram, Betty Dawson, Helen Thom).


BARRS BOWLS (Margo Murphy, Tim Healy, Ray Murphy).
BARRS BOWLS (Eddie Mills, Clive Jay, May O'Regan).
COLERAINE BC (Fred Monaghan, William Harbinson, James O'Neill, Neville Lamont).
JETHRO COMMUNITY BOWLERS (John Dickson, Jean Cairns, Elizabeth Dickson, Wesley Cairns).
ST CEDMAS BC (Maureen Atkinson, Valerie Noble, Stephen Atkinson, Jim Steenson).


KERRY BC (John Rees, Hugh Benbow, Mike Evans, John Dowell).
HAVERFORDWEST CASTLE BC (Bob Butters, Jim Sinnott, Dave Summers, Dai Pollock).
PEMBROKESHIRE IBC (Ben & Joe Hopkin, Paul Jenkins, Marley Hughes).
PENARTH BC (Peter Needham, Kath Jenkins, Belinda Price, Bob Hill).
CALDICOT SMBC (Bill Udpa, Jean & Alex Hope).
CYNON VALLEY IBC (Ron Taviner, Alan Knight, Terry Elms, Steve Breakingbury).


VILAMOURA BC (Christine & Barry Jarvis).


LA MANGA BC (Joe Scott, John Grace, Robin Lowman).
BELPLAYA BC (Alan Turner, Barry Pemberton, Malcolm Greenwood).
MONTEMAR BC (Sue Kemp, Brian Zelin, Roy Mercer).


SUN BC (Margaret Osmont, Denise Pallot, Jean Jones, Barry Simpson).




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