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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants


THATCHAM BC (John Youngman, Angela Blades-Moore, Len Davis, Graham Bradley.
MAIDENHEAD TOWN BC (Jean Mitchell & Mary Mackay).
SHIPLAKE BC (Jean Webb & Wendy Cross).
PALMER PARK BC (Gordon Gunns & Pauline Tallett).


CHANDOS PARK BC (June Lawrence, Les Lester, Diane Form).
WOLVERTON PARK BC (Peter Staniford, Peter Hartley, Annette Hirst).
ASTON CLINTON BC (Jan Hurst, David Springford, Doug Manderfield).
HAZELLS BC (Inger McNeil, Kim Challinor, Brian Abigail).


HEMINGFORDS BC (Merv Rossin, Andy Townsend, Barry Newman, Brian Elliott).
WARBOYS WHITE HART BC (Pip Poloczek, Chloe & Sam Brett).


HAYLE BC (Roy Hudson & Linda Billington).
TRURO CITY BC (Peter Kniveton, Archie Wallace, Bill Adams).


TOTHILL BC (Barry Nile, Sandy Lynch, Bob Parsons, Brian Sargeant).
TORQUAY BC (David Gosling, Alan Grost, Jane Perrett, Malcolm Malloch-Brown).


EAST DORSET IBC (Jean Beedie, Rosemary Shepherd, Sheila Nicoll).


HOUGHTON DAIRY LANE BC (Barrie Phythian, Vince Classen, Dennis Ramshaw).


SOUTHEND BC (Peter Nathan, Alan Bell, Alan Fry, John Vile).
HADLEIGH BC (Pearl Furne & Barbara McGregor).


GLOUCESTER CITY BC (Paul Coles, Glen Curtis, Eddie Doig).


BANISTER PARK IBC (Pam Smith, June Gibbons, Midge Pitter, Valerie Hyett).
COWPLAIN BC (Greg Sadler, Ernie Harrison, Betty Mason).
WATERSIDE BC (Sue Lewis Parkes, Joan Trueman, Dot Haines).


WATFORD & DISTRICT BA (Morgan Jennings, Jim Price, Alan Wragg, Bob Bennett).
HATFIELD BC (Phill Stocker & Alun Hoskins).
WELWYN GARDEN CITY BC (Katharine Taylor & Neil Sharp).


NEW ROMNEY BC (Geoff Golding, Graham Ruck, Dennis Seymour, David Richards).
BORSTAL BC (Veronica Pink, Keith Mather, David Pink, Fred Tippett).
VICTORIA PARK BC (Jane Michael, Stella Cunningham, Norman Gilliland).
ROYAL TUNBRIDGE WELLS IBC (Michael Hansford, Marion Glen, Barry Marshall).
LOOSE BC (Ray Allder, David Wastel, Albert Elcombe, Denis Hester).
HYTHE BC (Doreen Dawson, Robert Owen, Leonard Maris).


THURMASTON BC (Joyce Gater, Claude Harrison, George Mistry, Sherwood Green).
BARWELL IBC (Trevor Shorter, Ray Richardson, Malcolm Langton, Frank Birch).
OADBY BC (Jack Hier, Teresa Scrimshaw, David Sharman, Gordon Everett).


HORNCASTLE IBC (Don Kidd, Jayne Taplin, David Turner).
BOSTON IBC (Kathryn Rockall, Andrew Dinnington, Jean Thompson).
SLEAFORD IBC (David Woods, Jim White, Tony Stanley, Aubrey Bristow).


NORFOLK BC (Aaron Johnson & Ian Catchpole).


IRCHESTER BC (Brenda Lawrence, Betty Tilley, Shirley Ongley, Brenice Willmott).


GEDLING & DISTRICT IBC (Jane Allen, Doreen Lancaster, John Allen, Ken Lancaster).
BRINSLEY BC (Margaret Reeday & Peter Linfield).
EREWASH IBC (Brian Smith, Janet Martin, Terry Jones, Angela Scott).


ISLE OF WEDMORE BC (Jackie Catley-Day, Margaret Redman, Lilian & Jim Adams).
CASTLE CARY BC (Mo Fletcher, Maurice Hamilton, Barbara Davies, Mike Clutterbuck).


RISBYGATE BC (Adrian Coleman, Jan Wood, Helen Coleman, Reg Doggett).
WEST ROW BC (Mick Couch, Rick Gove, Peter Rolfe).
WEST ROW BC (Howard Spary, Peter Rolfe, David Smyth).
FRAMLINGHAM CASTLE BC (Adrienne Earye, Barbara Haseldine, Barbara Bayfield, Pam Denman).


NEW ADDINGTON BC (Betty Knight, Richard Chapman, Peter Knight, Robert Bunting).
MILFORD BC (Cyril Roberts, John Breach, Ted Lewis, Jeff Woods).


ROTTINGDEAN BC (Barbara Archer, Robert Markham, Robert Teagle).
SUSSEX SAINTS SMBC (Eileen Lownie, Ena Russell, Betty Head, Cyril Morris).
HANDCROSS BC (Bill Crozier, Gavin Grove, Juliette Chase, Ken Robinson).
PRESTON BC (Philip Goodwin, Guy Strudwick, Terry Brown, Edward Hagger).
HOLLINGBURY PARK BC (Sylvia Hammond, Norman Moye, Liz Hollis, Brian Pryke).
EAST PRESTON & KINGSTON BC (Josephine Solomon & Sue Fordyce).
DENTON ISLAND IBC (Barbara Aston, Chris Carter, Pat Linfield, Geoff Higginson).
BRIGHTON BC (David Bull, Pam Fowle, John Hill).
BURGESS HILL BC (Jane Mackenzie & Mark Gill).


LILLINGTON BC (Bernadette McDonnell & Mike Kelly).


DROITWICH SPA BC (Barbara Middlemass & Martin Hillson).


FLEMINGATE BC (Brian Hartley, Mike Heaton, Geoff Holgate).
BURNISTON & CLOUGHTON BC (Denise Simpson & John Punter).
NEW EARSWICK & DISTRICT IBC (Denise Elliott & Jackie Toms).


CWMLLYNFELL & DISTRICT BC (Barry Aspland, Jeffrey Sinclair, William Thomas, Alun Jones).
PENGELLI BC (Roy Evans, Edwin Rees, David Phelps, Ray Jones).


BELFAST IBC (Ray Graham, Lily McCartney, John Graham, Jean McBride).
CLONTARF BC (Otto Behan, Don Johnson, Gerry McCarthy, John Murphy).
DONAGHADEE BC (William Farrall, Gerald Bunting, William Stitt, James Coffey).


EAST FIFE IBC (Nancy Philp, Betty McGregor, Anne Gray, Alice Fyall).
FRASERBURGH IBC (Nathan Ross & Duncan Leel).


SUN BC (Ken Jones, Bill Duncan, Monica DeGruchy, Bob Le Sueur).




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