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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants



BIGGLESWADE TOWN BC (Mary Mills, Christine Davies, Susan Stone).
BARTON-LE-CLAY BC (Mervyn Cruttenden, Diane & Roy McDonald).
SANDY CONSERVATIVE BC (Pam Thomson, Gwenda Johnson, Ron Beaumont).
BARTON-LE-CLAY BC (Lesley Nunn, Rena Dutnall, Pauline Bright).


EARDISLAND BC (Doug Tantrum, Jayne Sharp, Dave Bray, Greg Farndon).


SILEBY BC (Peter Roe, Dave Daniell, Duncan Squires, Kevin Taylor).
LEICESTERSHIRE TOURISTS BC (Margaret Bovington, Michael Munton, Alan Parsons, Leslie House).
LOUGHBOROUGH PHOENIX BC (Geoff Howlett, David Whiley, Chas White).
COUNTESTHORPE BC (Dave Whittingham, Gavin Riddleston, Mike Barlow, Keith Riddleston).
SYSTON BC (Sheila Parker & Janice Wilbourn).


MARKET DEEPING BC (Denis Stapleton, Michael Clark, Alex Denniston).
MARKET DEEPING BC (Terry Cooper, Trevor Cummins, Mick Biggins).
MARKET DEEPING BC (Mike Bumfrey, Mick Griffin, Ian Hankin).
DEEPINGS BA (David Owen, Sylvia Scotney, David Cox, Brian Wheatley).
GRANTHAM & DISTRICT IBC (Jenny Waterall, Pat Maxon, Anne Collins).
BLACKSTONES BC (Rita Downs, Mal Smith, Dusty Miller).
STAMFORD TOWN BC (Helga Ellis, Sue & Dennis Starbuck).
STAMFORD TOWN BC (John & Bob Burton, Michael Baines).
STAMFORD TOWN BC (John Burton, Pam Dixon, Kevin Vinter).
STAMFORD TOWN BC (Len Ward, John Renshaw, Michael Baines).
LINCOLN IBC (Andy Herrins, Don Lewin, Maurice White).
BLACKSTONES BC (Rita Downs, Dusty Miller, Jon Earl).
MARKET DEEPING BC (Muriel & Peter Allen, Terry Grimshaw).
MARKET DEEPING BC (P. Gillender, B. Carpenter, M. DeCamps).
MARKET DEEPING BC (Denis Stapleton, Richard Smith, Michael Clark).


RUSHDEN TOWN BC (Barry Spring, Petula Winyard, Derek Eggleton).


NEWARK NORTHERN BC (Geoff Wilkinson, Brian Gilroy, Scott Rouse).
NEWARK NORTHERN BC (Donny Dean, Barry Pearson, Barry Gaunt, Danny McKeigue).
NOTTINGHAM IBC (Graham Mayfield, Grahame Merquis, Peter Sharpe).
QUEEN ANNE’S BOWLING GREEN (Graham White, Roger Carrington, Robin Southgate).


AMBLESIDE BC (Lyndsey Thacker, Bev Ramsden, Janet Broadbent, Tom Gilbert).
STOKE (COVENTRY) BC (Owen Petherick, Dennis Wilkinson, Dick Taylor, Ron Bale).


GILT EDGE BC (Jean Nuttall, John Rose, Paul Watkins, Anne Case).
MANOR PARK BC (Robert Morgan & Tony Hunaban).



DENHAM BC (Bruce Larner, Rodney Hamberger, David Baker, Ernie Norris).


THREE HORSESHOES BC (Anna Lane, Eric Iontton, Mary Martin, Ann Waugh).
HARPERBURY BC (Sue Swain, Mary Barnard, Judy West).
ELSENHAM BC (Debbie Sales, Doreen Hackett, Therese Clear, Pauline Martin).


VCD BC (Ron Gannon, Alan Gillett, Sylvia Phipps, Roy Dady).
BROMLEY TOWN BC (Lesley Duckworth, Julia Scarlett, Barbara Bignell).
HERNE BAY BC (Cliff Cheesman, Maureen Simcock, Jan Remmington).
ORPINGTON EXCELSIOR BC (R. Snashall & P. Lambert).
CHISLET COLLIERY BC (Malcolm Harris & Jack Cramp).
CLIFTONVILLE BC (Lynne Belsey, Anthony Miles, Sonny Todd).
KENT POLICE BC (Jeff Jefferies, Graham Parker, Bill Duncan).
ASHFORD IBC (Stella Hope, David Horton, Colin Hope).
THANET BC (Alex Grant, David Golley, Kath Higham).
HERNE BAY BC (Pat Knight, Gill Baker, R. Simcock).


WATLINGTON BC (Liz Kemish, Rosemary Lewis, Terry Batt-Rawden, Jim Trimmer).
BLOXHAM BC (Alan Miles & Ray Hopkins).


CHERTSEY BC (Jean Bailey, Joan Gardiner, Margaret Binstead, Jackie Birch).
EMBER BC (Evelyn Linwood, Alice Dorman, Sylvia Jones, Jackie Cornwell).
CARSHALTON BC (Peggy Baillie, Shirley Hammond, Diane Christofi, Sharon Songer).
EPSOM PARK BC (Pat Crane, Tom Kelly, Roy Gordon, Chris Jones).
IMBER COURT BC (Agnes Naylor, Jenny Annand, Jackie Cornwell, Peter Cornish).
MYTCHETT BC (John Culverhouse, Kathy & Peter Padginton).
CHERTSEY BC (Irene Izzard, Jean Bailey, Ann Sheppard, Margaret Binstead).



EAST COMMUNITY BC (Francis Burns, Ian Passway, Paul Ambrose).
EAST COMMUNITY BC (Doris Gill, Andy Smith, Peter Cooke).
WERRINGTON BC (May Wood, Bridget Gray, Keith Brown).
WERRINGTON BC (Janet & Bob Bright, Les Wood).


E.C.B.A. (GROUP 2) (Kevin Johnson, Jack Mumford, Shaun Wilson, Andy Foster).
WADHAM BC (Graham Bull, Derek Baptie, Derek Brown, Joyce Tunnard).
THURROCK BC (Margaret Peggs, Peter Bliss, Beryl Marchant, Doris Butterfield).
CORRINGHAM BC (Gordon Larner, Dave Parkin, Keith Pettit, Clary Miles).
ESSEX COUNTY BC (Richard Spriggs & Steve Kerley).
BOCKING ALLIANCE BC (Penny Turner, Geraldine Tate, Jeanette Seymour).
HAVERING IBC (Charlie Monk & Dave Baxter).
WIVENHOE BC (Kevin Boyd, Len King, Charlie Scofield, Alan Baker).
STANSTED BC (Edward Taub, Douglas Stephenson, Alan Sparrow, John Scraggs).
SILVERTHORNE BC (Jean Carl, Sue Company, Bet Wiggs, Ann Bull).
CLEMENTSWOOD BC (John Martin, James Dean, George Porter).


SHERINGHAM MORLEY BC (Paul Hadley, Melvyn Woodruffe, Brenda Roberts).
BRADWELL BC (Ken Saward, Alan Harrison, Alan Davies, Barry Knights).
AYLSHAM BC (Maureen Westgate, Jenny Spencer, Ray Westgate).
BROWSTON HALL IBC (Keith Etherington, Bill & Scott Turner).
AYLSHAM BC (Keith Bonner, Barry Chamberlain, Phillip Hall).
CROMER MARRAMS BC (Philip Toner, Neil Patrickson, Neil Carswell, Graham Hall).
SOUTHREPPS BC (Christine Harding, Christopher Douglas, David Harding).


FRAMLINGHAM CASTLE BC (Amy Rowe, Tracey Johnson, Joanne Rowe).
CORNARD BC (Lisa Farrant, Tony Sparkes, Terry Moore).
FRAMLINGHAM CASTLE BC (Brian Smerden, Beryl Gilder, Shirley Page, Fred Keen).
HAVERHILL BC (William Tatters, David Finch, Mark Smith).
CORNARD BC (Patricia Phillips, Charlie Miller, Shirley Holloway).



VERYAN BC (Tom Starns, Frank Found, Peter Gaffney).
CAMBORNE BC (Treve Pollard & Robert Jose).
REDRUTH BC (Paul Williams, Philip Oland, Robin Walters, Wayne Parfitt).
PENLEE (NEWLYN) BC (Gillian Waters, Annette Topham, Linda Randall, Penny Worledge).
SALTASH BC (Colin Burt, Alf Newman, Bernard Woolner, Peter Skinner).
PENRYN BC (Mike Walker, Simon Groves, David Cohen, Phil Smith).
PROBUS BC (Gill Owen, Sheila Bing, Judy Cashell, Carole Wyatt).
WADEBRIDGE BC (Geoffrey Riggs, Desmond Worden, Robin Burden).
DUNHEVED BC (S. Worth, G. Jones, B. Isaac, M. Lane).
BOWLS CORNWALL VICE-PRESIDENTS’ BA (Jim Stevens, Colin Eagle, Alan Jones, Deryk Masefield).


ORESTON & DISTRICT BC (Jackie Gillard & Hazel Treleaven).
YELVERTON BC (Val Edwards, Joan Price, Gwen Dean, Hazel Viney).
HEMYOCK BC (Josephine Blackmore & Margaret Brotheridge).
MID DEVON IBC (Greta Dommett, Audrey Collard, George Reed).
SOUTH MOLTON BC (Peter Hooper, Gordon & Roy Webber, Peter Webb).
FENITON BC (Kate Wise, Joss Cahart, Richard North).
SIDMOUTH BC (David Butler, Mary Turner, Zena Johnson, David Fairclough).
TORQUAY BC (Tom Barnett, Pat Kirven, Rosemary Lee-Russell, Geoff Gay).
LEE MOOR BC (Bill Goldthorpe, Hamish Stewart, Ernie Clements, Fred Wills).


BRISTOL OMNIBUS BC (Jevon Smith, Ian Flower, Rob Jenkins, Kevin Underhill).
BRISTOL OMNIBUS BC (Tony Underhill, Ian Flower, Rob Jenkins, Kevin Underhill).
BISHOPS CLEEVE BC (Peter Rushworth, Ken Waghorn, Jack Ames, Brian D’Gama).
PAGE PARK BC (Malcolm Forbes, Michael Honey, Christopher Knight, Andy Nicholls).
AVONVALE BC (Gloria Tipler, John Campbell, Sally Batt, John Wood).
VICTORY PARK BC (John Payne, Heather Walker, Chris Tanner, Martin Bevan).
BRISTOL ARROW BC (Alan Castle, Michael Payne, Bernard Hewlett, Alan Wells).
YATE & DISTRICT BC (Maureen Smale, Ivor Dando, Eirona Carpenter, Maurice Hawkins).


CONGRESBURY BC (Geoff Wilcock, Ross Keddy, Roy Kirkham, Brian Herbison).
NORTH PETHERTON BC (Frank Davis, Robert Dyer, Peter Walker, Graham Owens).
BURNHAM-ON-SEA BC (Stanley Fox, John Florey, Brian Rowley, Donald Bridges).
SHEPTON MALLET BC (Diane Baker, Margaret O’Neill, Diana Wood).
WEST BACKWELL BC (Diane Gage, Sheila Arnold, Julie Ratcliffe, Elizabeth Lamb).
CLARRIE DUNBAR IBC (Dicky Dawes & Victor Yate).
NORWEST BC (D. Hill, R. Selway, B. Raikes, E. Nott).
BRISTOL BC (Jennifer Jefferies, Sandra Stone, Jean Lovell, Ardell Saunders).
SOMERSET MASONIC BA (Ted Gould, Bill Clark, Michael Adams, David Always).
ASHCOMBE PARK BC (Pauline Wynne, John McKenzie, Keith Wheeler).

CREWKERNE SMBC (David Charnick, Carol Thackaberry, Sid Crisp).


WROUGHTON BC (Bob George, Gavin Newman, Terry Rogers, Roger Cornish).
SUPERMARINE BC (Carol Sandry, Cheryl Walker, Marilyn Kilburn).
BLUE CIRCLE BC (Terry Ward, Dot Dunn, Valerie Walton, Paul Black).
WANBOROUGH BC (Robert Ferguson, Alec Rennie, David Adams, David Woodbridge).
AVON MELKSHAM BC (Terry Cook, John Butterworth, Georgina Coomber, Peter Renshaw).
WANBOROUGH BC (Mick Walker, Stephen Stokes, John Fossett, Ron Merry).
HAYDON WICK BC (Martin Edwards, Stuart Barker, Bob Thorley, Brian Perry).
ROYAL WOOTTON BASSETT BC (Graham Richards, Terry Gammage, Richard Buckland, Andy Crump).
BROUGHTON GIFFORD BC (Neil Parkinson, Hayden Arlett, Steve Hockings, Trevor Cooke).
WESTLECOT BC (Gwyneth Williams, Betty Thomas, Geraldine Reade, Carole Coombs).
WROUGHTON BC (Bronwen Rees, Julie White, Jill Webb, Babs Salter).



BRAMPTON BC (Vera Warwick, Marian Campbell, Susan Kay).
LAZONBY BC (Tom Watt, Rita Timperon, Nora Newton).


WHITLEY & MONKSEATON BC (Mary Christopher, Bill Turnbull, Alan Thompson).
WHITLEY & MONKSEATON BC (Brian Roberts, George Chapman, Steve Graham).


WIGGINTON BC (Fred Whur, Graham Davies, John Freeman, John Baxter).
MIDDLESBROUGH BC (M. Ayres, P. Rowland, L. Dring, S. Slaughter).
DRIFFIELD REC BC (Margaret Bailey, Stewart Clark, Andy Baxter, Tina Robinson).
DRIFFIELD REC BC (Diana Kirby, Chris Musgrave, Ann Burnell, Stewart Clark).
BILLINGHAM BC (Mary Small, Maurice Spence, Joe Watson, Eric Wildman).
YORKSHIRE BA (Jeanette Daly, Margaret Lambert, June Ogden, Janet Green).
GILBERDYKE BC (J. Nicholson & A. Mason).
BEVERLEY TOWN BC (Carl Johnson, Eric Boon, Denis Cheater).
EGGBOROUGH BC (Leslie Spruce, Geoff Potton, Nigel Adamson).
LITTLE WEIGHTON BC (Mick Taylor & Judy Wood).


SWANAGE BC (Linda Wallis, Madeline Love, Jean Thomas, Gill Bryceson).
WEST MOORS MEMORIAL BC (David Sibley, Graham Reynolds, Derek Francis, Dave Bird).


SOUTHAMPTON (OLD) BOWLING GREEN BC (Richard Haynes, Bob Turlin, Keith Vine, Martin Marum).
WATERLOOVILLE BC (Pam Bailey, Beryl Coupland, Linda McWilliam).
ANDOVER BC (John Ash, Robert Still, John Allenby).
WATERLOOVILE BC (Roy Handley, Paul Buckley, Frank Money, Bob Pitman).
PEMBROKE GARDENS BC (Carol Reynolds, Derek Drew, Paul McDermott).
ATHERLEY BC (Derrick Fulker, David Murray, David Blogg).
WATERSIDE BC (Sandra Withers, Pamela Mold, Mary Ward).
BRAESIDE BC (Diana Grace & Peter Knight).
WATERLOOVILLE BC (Philip Sanders, Peter Blewden, Peter Barter).
LOCKSWOOD BC (John Windust, John Duhig, Paul Jarvis, Andy Dawson).
FARNBOROUGH BC (Harrison Ash, Chris Henderson, Keith Dunstone, Geoff Chadd).
MARNELL BC (Sue Lomax, Peter Dell, Ray Wheatley).
DENMEAD BC (Christine Bailey, Christine Macey, Patricia Jeffreys, Cyndy Goldacre).
BRIDGEMARY BC (Jan Jacobs, Audrey Sitch, Kay Hiscox, Chris Clark).
FOUR MARKS BC (Sheila Martin, John Warner, Margaret Leppard).
LEE-ON-THE-SOLENT BC (Alan Calder, Pam Durant, Les Davis, Peter Gentry).

VENTNOR BC (Angela Howes, Mavis Wilson, Sheila Arnott).
BEMBRIDGE BC (Peter Hudson & Christopher Emms).

THE DOWNSMAN BC (Peter Selby, Terry Priest, Tony Rogers).
WORTHING IBC (Rosemary Phillips & Sheila Broad).
WOODINGDEAN BC (Mike Biggs, Debbie Juden, Ian Prior, Tony Mercer).
HERSTMONCEUX BC (Hazel Tozer, John Hobden, Keith Cottingham).
MIDHURST BC (Howard Seymour, Malcolm Hutchings, Terry Berry).
BLOOMFIELD BC (Lynn Newport, Robin Oatley, Sue Leigh, Gren Ingleson).
MALTRAVERS BC (Brenda Coller, Maz Howe, Sue Dyball, Barbara Butcher).
PARADE BC (Joe Watts, Charles Gowler, Alan Sulley, Richard Derbyshire).
HENFIELD BC (Jackie Wilson & Karen Kennedy).
BRIGHTON BC (Carol Funnell, Janet & Geoff Harris, Howard Funnell).
MARINE GARDENS BC (Doreen Dickson, Fernando Grixti, Terry Urben).
WOODINGDEAN BC (Joe Smith, Rob Carter, Chris Matthews, Ian Prior).
MARESFIELD BC (Sally Geddes, Greg Roberts, Vivien Crowther).
HAYWARDS HEATH & BEECH HURST BC (Anita Rymer, Gill Thompson, Jill Saunders, Maureen Topley).
THE CROUCH BC (Gwen Coward & Mike Early).


THOMASTOWN BC (Philip Davies, Malcolm Siddle, Nathan Rees, Alex Davies).
LAMPETER BC (Ron Thomas & Steve Entwistle).
BARRY ROMILLY BC (Kenneth Westgate, Clive Tapscott, Paul Clarke, Robert Wyatt).
GLYNEATH LADIES BC (Betty Lewis & Julie Davies).
BEDDAU BC (Keith Ward, Jeff Seldon, David Gould, Jim Smith).
BUILTH WELLS BC (Cledwyn Lloyd, Leon Griffiths, Tim Worts, Steve Jones).


BALLYWALTER BC (Harry Hedley, Terry Aitcheson, Colin Gribben, Ivan McNamara).
KILREA LADIES BC (Sandra Warwick, Joan Wells, Margaret McCart, Masie Stewart).
BALLYMENA BC (Eva Gage, Maree Houston, Donna McCloy, Barbara Cameron).
WILLOWFIELD BC (Marie Halliday, Helen McCracken, Margaret Currie, Anne Duckett).
ANTRIM LAWN BC (Irwin McBurney, Fred Coulter, Jack Marks, Tom Evans).
BALLEE BC (Eileen Connor, Patricia Kearney, Jayne Caven).


ST FERGUS BC (Alexander Thomson, Fiona Henderson, Alan Mulraine).
GOUROCK PARK BC (George Twaddle, Phil Owens, Iain McShane Snr, Robert Harron).
LENZIE BC (Sandra Atkinson & Sandra Burns).
FETTERCAIRN BC (Betty & Bill Brandie).


LA SIESTA BC (Penny & John Porter, John Lincoln).



ST SAVIOUR’S BC (William Blampied & John Le Goff).