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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants


KEMPSTON HAMMERS BC (Brian Mead, Chris Twydale, Phil Mathews, Alan Barnes).


CHESS VALE BC (Malcolm & Jean Andrews, Will Gehrig).
CHILTERN/AMERSHAM U3A (Francis Gerrard & Robert Pink).
BLETCHLEY ST MARTINS BC (Murray Rutherford, Alan Tattam, Colin Beasley).
CHALFONT ST GILES BC (Denise Rogers, Colin Richards, Pam Anderson, Tony Watkins).
WADDESDON BC (Joan Oxley, Pat Lapper, Carol Gaskins, Geoff Dixon).
AYLESBURY TOWN BC (Brian Rowe, Elinor Paterson, David Catton).
GERRARDS CROSS BC (Joyce & Bob Leeson).
WINSLOW BC (Victor Griffiths, Trish Thomas, John Gilbey, John Hancock).


BOTTISHAM BC (Teresa Leeson, Clive Ellis, Vince Campbell).
MARCH IBC (Jane Hayes, Albie Grainger, John Abel).
HADDENHAM BC (Jennie Honey, Tony Saban, Kevin Marshall, Val Hughes).


KENSEY VALE BC (Ann Head, Margaret Perkin, Nicola Gilbert).
CARNON DOWNS BC (Marlene George, Carol North, Jill Tregunna, Sue Beale).


KESWICK FITZ PARK BC (Christopher Mills & Lynn Hazell).


KINGSBRIDGE PARK BC (Valerie Harding, John Yeabsley, John Peckham).
UNITY PARK BC (Arthur Doughty, Brian Blackler, Barry Sampson, Mike Berridge).
MADEIRA BC (Debbie Fox, Danny Doran, Geoff Furminger, Liz Smerdon).
BABBACOMBE BC (Brian Bond, Alan Silman, Edward Tidridge).
PAINGTON TORBAY BC (David Pratt, Kevin Gardner, Terry Judge, Andrew Griffin).
TIVERTON WEST END BC (B. Husbands, E. Payne, R. Gregory, R. Clarke).


MOONFLEET 2000 IBC (Larry Mather, Alex Porteous, Roly Birchenough).
FERNDOWN BC (Harry Greenlaugh, Ian Banks, Tony Culver, Jeffrey Davies).
BROADSTONE WESSEX BC (Joan Shaw, Sibil Ball, Maureen Day).


PITSEA BC (Bob Perfect, Peter Line, Allan Williams).
RAYLEIGH BC (Adrian Wallbank, John Bugg, Ken Kemp, Dave Sharples).
GIDEA PARK BC (Peter Osborne, Les Howard, Ernie Collins).


AVONMOUTH BC (Ian Jenking, Edward Tipler, Dave Johnson, Roger Humphries).
BRISTOL BC (Reece White, Ethan Saunders, Eddy Hopegood, Dave Alder).
BAC BC (Adam Hicks, Gwyn Birt, Barry Hicks, Michael Mayer).
COLEFORD BC (Brian Davies, Clive Worgan, Robin Adams).
BRISTOL ARROW BC (Ken Down, Mike Blunsden, Richard Brown, Peter Cook).
YATE & DISTRICT BC (Maureen Smale & Colin Hudson).
WOTTON-UNDER-EDGE BC (Val Jones, Sue Cole, Eileen Gorman, Cynthia Winter-Alsop).
YATE & DISTRICT BC (Maureen Smale, David Tubey, Roger Thorne, John Addison).


PHOENIX BC (Paul Wingate, Richard Miller, Michael Tull, David Blowe).
FLEMING PARK BC (Olenka Snell, Marion Miles, Cleo Tucker, Diana Farrow).
WATERSIDE BC (Min Topp, Dot Haines, Margaret Gilliam).
KNYVETON GARDENS BC (Gordon Atkins, Don Priddle, Bert Whincup, Bryan Morgan).
KNYVETON GARDENS BC (Tim Medhurst, Pete Sant, John Scolding, Cyril Archer).
NEW MILTON BC (Bill Wallace & Anthony Reed).


BISHOP’S STORTFORD BC (Brenda Bennett, Christina McKenzie, Jan Helm, Hilary Chandler).
HEMEL HEMPSTEAD BC (Don Connors, Danny Johnson, Gary Eagles, Jim Norman).
ROYSTON BC (Anne Martin, Eileen Hyde, Eunice Dockree).
HARPERBURY BC (Emma Trollope & Sue Allen).
KINGS LANGLEY BC (Margaret Moseley & Roger Biggs).
NORTH HAMPSHIRE WOMEN’S BA (Daphne Goodwin, Stella Atkins, Ann Guerin, Sheila Stone).
WELWYN & DISTRICT BC (Deborah Squires & Christopher Sherriff).
OXHEY BC (Win Walmsley & Jim Jenkins).


HUNTINGDONSHIRE BOWLS (Liam Whelan, Les Sharp, John Hadley, Ray Keatin0.


SHANKLIN BC (Lorraine Wilkins, Anne Day, Margaret Bartrum, Gina Higgs).


QUEENSMEAD BC (Cotrell Bowerbank, Ron Bennett, Peter Gerlach).
WHITSTABLE BC (Patricia Vaz, Derek Gann, Allison Gardiner, Alan Reid).
ASHFORD IBC (Steve Blackmore, Pat Hatcher, Graham Ruck).
TILMANSTONE WELFARE BC (P. Killick, A. Har, J. Isherwood).
THANET BC (David Golley & David Robinson).
KINGFISHER BC (Jean Hall, Arthur Snipp, Sean Tracey, Nigel Boughey).
SEVENOAKS IBC (Tricia Cave, Gaynor James, Tony Morez).
DANSON PARK BC (Roy Clark & Steve Collins).
FRANCIS DRAKE BC (Ken Shooter & Michael Singer).
BAKER BEXFORD BC (Peter Rich, Dave Noble, Dave Poultney, Tony Burton).
WROTHAM BC (Gordon Beech, Mick Cockburn, Anne McDermott).
MINSTER BC (Jacquie Pluckrose, Ben Foster, Alan Pummell).
HAWKHURST BC (Bob Hanley, Rosalie Nash, Tony Mitchel).


KIBWORTH BC (Pauline Deane, Doug Lawrence, Frank Armann, Richard Trueman).
BATTRAM BC (Lyn Collyer, Robert Ball, Mark English, Philip Waterfield).
MELTON & DISTRICT IBC (Christopher Vose & Erica Warrington).
HART OF FLECKNEY BC (Zoe Eisler, Christine Noble, Sandra Hall).
SOUTH WIGSTON BC (Phillip James, Patricia Cadney, Stephen Smith Snr).
CHARNWOOD IBC (Linda West, Wendy Coley, John Tilford, Ian MacKenzie).
SYSTON BC (John Clarke, Tyler Johnson, Colin Grimes, Dave Hudson).


CARLBY BC (Robert Whitham, Stuart Poole, Richard Wakeling).
DUNHOLME IBC (John Leslie, Brian Golland, Geoffrey Picksley).
DEEPING BA (Terri Handley, Ron Weston, Ken Simmonds).


COURT PARK BC (Annette Hennessy, Rodney Chamberlain, Ann Greenaway).
MIDDLESEX BA (Ray Snelling, Keith Robinson, David Franklin, David Todd).
WEALDSTONE BC (Jamie McDonald, Sandra Rands, Chris Daykin).
LADYGATE BC (Gwen Richards & Ray Bragazza).
LADYGATE BC (Brian Brazier, Linda Jackson, Harry Harrington, Ann Bell).


CAWSTON BC (Ray Adcock, Clifford Harmer, Neil Seager).
HOPTON & DISTRICT BC (Russell Kemp, Ian Engall, Brian Coe).
AYLSHAM BC (J. Chapman, M. Springall, R. Westgate).
AYLSHAM BC (J. Chapman, M. Springall, P. Muskett).


WHYTE MELVILLE BC (Elaine Munton & Pat Bodily).
ISE BC (Ray Bryce, Ralph Sanderson, Cathy Spencer, Peter Morgan).
OUNDLE BC (Pat Dalley, Stewart Laxton, Chris Cunnington).


CANNON BC (Charles Emsen, Alan Reaney, Keith Spencer).
NOTTINGHAM IBC (John Carratt, Chris Lynn, Berni Saunders).
BRINSLEY BC (Philip Powell & Robert Smith).


OXFORD CITY & COUNTY BC (John Stacey, Sue Lewis, Alan Keen, Jeanette Berry).
WATLINGTON BC (Sid Andrews, John Lewis, Mick Saunders).


SHREWSBURY IBC (Margaret Barnes & John Farmer).


TAUNTON DEANE BC (Mike Kennedy, Colin Day, Alwyn Kitchin, Chris Rymell).
CONGRESBURY BC (Michael Kimmings, Malcolm Huggett, Martyn Wear, Lloyd Beck).
VICTORIA BC (Michael Willetts, Clifford Chudley, Michael Manning, Michael Cooper).
TAUNTON DEANE BC (Tony Scriven & Mike Kennnedy).
CLARENCE PARK BC (Trevor Ward, John Rogers, Don Towie).
VICTORIA BC (Sandra Milliner, Sue Harrison, Margaret Hillman).
TAUNTON DEANE BC (Claire Trask & Bryan Cridland).


HAUGHLEY PLAYING FIELD BC (Trevor Hall, Jack Hawkins, Michael Ormes).
STANTON BC (Marjorie Last, Trevor Kemper, Martin Keon).


BYFLEET BC (Mike Luck, John Oakes, Mick Crossland, Terry Wright).
MITCHAM BC (Jean Hall, Eddie Stanley, Syd Jones).
EWELL VILLAGE BC (John Fitzgerald, Bernie Bristow, Roy Hibbin, Tallis Taljaard).
EPSOM PARK BC (Chris Hyde, Alan Darke, Peter Donnachie, Chris Long).
LEATHERHEAD BC (Linda Dawson & Sue Lokkerbol).
MALDEN BC (Norma Powell & Sue Cooper).
NEWDIGATE BC (Jan Howick, Michael Frith, John Hanson).
ASHBURTON PARK BC (Clayton Cox, Bob Wright, Geoff Dunning).
CATERHAM BC (Beatrix Hodgson, Christine Thorne, Barbara Clarke, Dorothy Harris).


WITTERINGS & DISTRICT BC (Stuart Hooker, Bryan Smethurst, Glyn Dobson, Gwilym Morgan).
SIDLEY MARTLETS BC (Steve Adamson, Judy Melville, Anne Leggat).
FAIRLIGHT BC (Colin Yellop, Brian Watts, David Radford).
LINDFIELD BC (Lesley Dooge & Carol Watson).
WOODINGDEAN BC (Dave Swainston, Rita & Dave Race).
GORING MANOR BC (John Steel, Darby Ransom, Michael Mayes, George Cook).
SEAFORD BC (Norman Funnell, Victor Watson, Alan Clark, Edward Pattison).
PEACEHAVEN & TELSCOMBE BC (Sue Dennis, Tom O’Shea, Sue Lander, Ted Giles).
PEACEHAVEN & TELSCOMBE BC (Vence Thomas, Ray Burnett, Cliff Wilson, Robin Selley).
PEACEHAVEN & TELSCOMBE BC (Derek Cowling, Margaret Armstrong, Peter Woodward, Ted Giles).
BEXHILL BC (Lorraine Irving, Sheila Gander, Antony Norman, Robin Boswell).
COWFOLD SMBC (Anne Sayers, June Harrison, Jill Flower, Roger Hawke).


BILTON BC (Sue Lipscombe, Paul Nicholson, Margaret Kinder).
WARWICK BOAT CLUB BC (Trisha Harrison, Peter Boardman, Diane Harvey).
HANDSWORTH WOOD BC (Mark Clews, Mick Dennis, Roy Phillips, Mike Nettleton).


HIGHWORTH BC (Mark Richman & Jim Goodall).
HIGHWORTH BC (James & Mark Richman, Neil Biles, Craig Morphet).
AVON BC (Gary Elms, Roy Frazer, Aubrey Muttitt).
PEWSEY VALE BC (Julia Hunt, Caroline Sprott, Nancy Oliver, Pat Jones).
TROWBRIDGE TOWN BC (David Lowe & Terry Dickson).
WINSLEY BC (Gill Chandler, Veronica Bassett, Sandra Bartlett).
CORSHAM BC (G. Bowler, C. Garrett, C. Lowe, P. Hillman).


GUISBOROUGH PROIRY BC (Barbara Robson, Malcolm Walker, M. Ainsley).
HARROGATE BC (Lesley & David Dearlove).
BRIDLINGTON ALEXANDRA BC (Dave Bond, Trevor Shackleton, Tony James).
HOLME ON SPALDING MOOR BC (Peter Coates & John Hemming).
HARROGATE BC (Janet Smith & Audrey Sneddon).
BURTON PIDSEA BC (Ken Margerum, Sally Simpson, Josie Wilson).
THIRSK ATHLETIC BC (Judith Smith, Mavis Merritt, Edd Charge, Keith Sunley).
MIDDLESBROUGH BC (Jim Forsyth & Bill Peirson).


CASTLEROCK BC (James Moody, William Kerr, John Bustard, Victor Callaghan).
ANTRIM LAWN BC (William Beattie, William Moore, Jack Marks, Tom Evans).
NORTEL BC (Leslie McLaughlin, Rowan Maxwell, Philip & Dan Steele).
OMAGH BC (Michael Ferguson, Theresa Black, Albert McNally, Jim Millar).
BALMORAL BC (W. Hoy, K. Greenlees, S. Moore, R. Girvan).
DONAGHADEE BC (Francis Porter, William Dorman, Dicky Stewart, Darren Erskine).
LEINSTER BC (Agnes Gillick, Cora McDermott, Margaret Hanrahan, Pat MacDonagh).
LARNE BC (Adam Sidwell, Johnnie Hamill, Jim Rennie, Leslie King).


RHIWBINA LADIES BC (Jan Williams & Pam Williams-Gough).
ROATH PARK LADIES BC (Avril Pritchard, Chris Somerton, Jan Guthrie, Jan Durey).
PORT TALBOT BC (Mark Pullin, David Morley, Keith Davies).
BRIDGEND MUNICIPAL BC (Arthur Hunter, Mike Darra, Fraser Robinson, Ken Taylor).
LLANTWIT MAJOR BC (Glyn Fox, John Ball, Adrian Woods, Neville Young).
SARN BC (Lorna Edwards, David Jones, Nigel Edwards, John Griffith).
HAVERFORDWEST BC (David John, Trevor Harries, Billy Jones, Tony Wilks).


MAXWELLTOWN BC (Tilda Armstrong & Robert Gilchrist).
CANMORE BC (Ann Lawson & Lyn Harrison).