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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants


WHITEKNIGHTS IBC (Janet Cheshire, Eileen Allen, Jan Thomas, Jan Belshaw).


BLETCHLEY IBC (Pat Irons, David Long, Janice Maddock, Graham Holloway).
BUCKS MASONIC BA (Doug Jones, Laurie Ekins, Dorothy Benn, Allen Weatherell).


CAMBRIDGE CHESTERTON BC (Wendy Rowden, Irene Wilkes, Martin Rowden).
CAMBRIDGE CHESTERTON BC (Pat Ross, Eric Simpson, Robin Waterhouse, Barry Stephens).
CITY OF ELY IBC (Barry Wright, Dave Pither, Brian Monaghan, Ron Reader).
MARCH IBC (John Peckett, James Scott, Barry Hotston, Charles Stokes).
ST NEOTS & DISTRICT IBC (Jenny Deane, Daphne Roddis, Allan Hidderly).


EDEN IBC (Daphne Dodd & Geoff Steele).
CARLISLE SUBSCRIPTION BC (Ken Holmes, Brian Maddison, Tom Hunter, Garry Bowes).
EDEN IBC (Nora Newton & David Little).


CHURCH GRESLEY IBC (Brian Turner & Carol Ward-Gardner).


MADEIRA BC (David & Joan Mansell, Keith Prew).
KINGSLEY IBC (Jenny & Jim Rhodes).
SIDMOUTH BC (Sandra & Ken Wheeler).


DOLPHIN IBC (Julie Hammett, Trisha Pitts, Len Langston, Mike Hammett).


COLCHESTER IBC (Gail Barrett, Shirley Mills, Anne Green, Pat Burmby).
HATFIELD PEVEREL BC (Ann Holliday & Yvonne Steel).
CLACTON IBC (Iris Staples & Sue Dartnell).
STONYHILL IBC (Dave Gunter, Doug White, James Nolan, Peter Horne).
GLEBELANDS IBC (John Hudnot, Brian Shire, Derek Mennell, Martin Greenfield).
COLCHESTER IBC (June Telford, Tony Appleby, Cyril Harvey).
GLEBELANDS IBC (Harold Allam, Victor Sanchez, Bobby Gordon, Godfrey Sheldon).
COLCHESTER IBC (Wendy Hutton, Phil Baggarley, Derek Hunt, Kevin McDonald).


FAIRFORD BC (Colin Soule, Dave Lawrence, Ron Taylor, Nathan Simms).
COTSWOLD IBC (Anthony Brown, Ann Murphy, Ralph Hosken).


RUSHMOOR IBC (Joan Moorcroft, Cindy & Rod Strong, Harrison Ash).
ATHERLEY BC (Hugh Coulter, Duncan Beck, Derrick Fulker).
LODDON VALE IBC (Penny Jordan, Trevor Stone, Mavis Guest, Alan Smith).
VICTORY IBC (John Stephenson, Ken Morgan, Andy Bennett, Bob Ross).
PURBROOK HEATH BC (Ian Robson, Sue Ballard, Shirley Goode, Dave Rowe).


WATFORD IBC (Malcolm Alcock, Ian Tibles, Shirley Seager).


PEMBRIDGE COAST BC (Richard Brown, Bob Trethewey, Liz & Barry Males).
ISLE OF WIGHT IBC (John Berry, Pauline Proud, Ann Dennis, Paul Dyer).
ISLE OF WIGHT IBC (Graham Corbett, John Sheen, Tony Jennings, Brian Cooper).


MOTE PARK IBC (Pamela Moorcroft, Marian Mark, Jayne Wood).
ARENA BC (Crispian Dadds, David Wilkins, Paul Green, Michael Lawrence).
ROYAL TUNBRIDGE WELLS IBC (David Smith & Brian Grundy).
DARTFORD STONE LODGE IBC (Roy Wilkins, Deborah Benning, John Baldwin, Gordon Benning).
OYSTER IBC (Mervyn Gulvin, Russell Feast, John Cheesman, Phil Scott-Martin).
DARTFORD STONE LODGE IBC (R. Howard, F. Stone, M. Spice, P. Friedlander).
MOTE PARK IBC (Mavis Drury, Paulette Poulter, Michael Horton).
MOTE PARK IBC (Joy Glancey, Alice Davis, Miriam Dann).


MELTON MOWBRAY IBC (Evelyn Underwood & David Keegan).
BARWELL IBC (Sally Ann Wall & Neville Cave).
LEICESTER IBC (Alan Griffiths, David Lambert, Steve Elliott, Milan Males).
CHARNWOOD IBC (Neville Cave, Neil Mackenzie, Stuart Gee).


GRANTHAM IBC (Mavis Palmer, Doreen Lester, Brenda Patten, Pat Royce).
SLEAFORD & DISTRICT IBC (Alison Lowth, Yvonne Paul, Kim Callow, Waylon Clarke).
LOUTH & DISTRICT IBC (Bill Krajnyak, Stuart Robinson, Katy Krajnyak).
LOUTH & DISTRICT IBC (John Williams, Derek Woodforth, Denis Ivatt).
SPALDING & DISTRICT IBC (Geoff Gray, Sue Lovett, Les Bent).


BROWSTON IBC (Martin Gaines, David Lowe, John Stanton, John Spooner).
ACLE IBC (Gwyn Xuereb & Susan Smith).
DISS & DISTRICT BC (Sylvia Biggs, Isa Throssell, Mary Saunders, Vicky Lanchester).
NORTH WALSHAM BC (Eileen Jackson, Maureen Fuller, Peter Cobb).


NORTHAMPTON & DISTRICT IBC (Trevor Palmer, Sue Lane, William Babb, Louise Haladij).
NORTHAMPTON & DISTRICT IBC (Alan Pardoe, David Prior, David Newbold, Tony Warren).


NOTTINGHAM IBC (Malcolm Bennett, Philip Morley, Paul Fowler, Michael Radforth).
NOTTINGHAM IBC (Graham Mayfield & Tom Sisson).

CHIPPING NORTON BC (Valerie Fraser, Roberta Jarvie, Valerie Harris, Paul Robbins).
OXFORD & DISTRICT IBC (Robert Helm, Roy Daley, Albert Perrin, Stuart Soanes).


CLARRIE DUNBAR IBC (Lisa Tanner & Phil Harrison).
ISLE OF WEDMORE BC (Trish Newell, Ann-Marie Wilkinson, Joanne Pryce, Julie Masters).
YEOVIL BC (Wendy Smith, Richard Few, Spike & Jill Humphries).
VICTORIA (STREET) IBC (Ambrose Smith, Ivor Ford, Robert West, Michael Windsor).
BURNHAM-ON-SEA SMBC (Ted Stack, Mike Wise, Austin Cryer).
WEST BACKWELL BC (Julie Ratcliffe, Val Webley, Joan Jackson, Cynthia Burgess).


TAMWORTH IBC (Maureen & Alan Burton).


EWHURST BC (Brenda Cunningham, Mike Wells, Pam Routley, June Ives).
CAMBERLEY IBC (Michelle Steer & Paul Shillingford).
MOLE VALLEY IBC (Roy Fassnidge, Chris Sheppard, John Meningen, Simon Meller).
DONYNGS IBC (Brian Adcock, Terry Wilson, Pat Leyland, Gill Tarrant).


YAPTON SMBC (Pauline Hoyland, Alan Stiles, Jim Cordingley, Peter Kent).
ADUR IBC (Kay Martin, Ann Gregory, Alan West, Bob Harman).
WORTHING PAVILION BC (Alan Page, Terry Hallard, Dennis Allen, Barry Ledger).
NORFOLK BC (Joyce Fisher, Peter Jennings, David Bain, Jim Cox).
WORTHING & DISTRICT SMBL (Linda Godsmark, Rosemary Spiers, Terry Urben, Ivan Godsmark).
ANGMERING SMBC (Mike Stanworth, Barbara Froom, Peter North, Graham Scutt).
POLEGROVE BC (Trudy Eastwood, John Crone, Simon Dunkley, Mary Williams).


ERDINGTON COURT BC (Denise Szostek, Dean Mortiboys, Christopher Hall).
SOLIHULL IBC (Chris Wright & Roy Tuddenham).
AVON VALLEY IBC (Karen & John Rheams).


NORTH WILTS IBC (Evelyn Crossman, Derek Underhill, Jane Taylor, Ron Read).
NORTH WILTS IBC (Ted Watson, Les Bray, Bob Ferris).
NORTH WILTS IBC (Ashley Ponting & Bob Roberts-Phare).
WESTLECOT IBC (Jayne Croston, George Twine, Julia Hunt, Denis Holborow).
SWINDON MANOR IBC (Geoffrey Farr, Andrew Parkes, Douglas McDaniel).


MALVERN HILLS IBC (Berni Inns & Jon Harrod).
BROMSGROVE IBC (Val Smith, Brian Evans, Roy Smith, Ann Tee).


HORNSEA & DISTRICT IBC (Bob Cole & Elisabeth Watson).
HORNSEA & DISTRICT IBC (Bridget & Dave Lee).
REDCAR BOROUGH PARK BC (Kathleen & Brian Pears).
NORTH CAVE IBC (Nathan Creaser, Jayne Stride, Like Nicholls).
NEW EARSWICK IBC (Claire Domville & Dave Claydon).
HALIFAX BC (Stewart Wright, David Armitage, David Laycock).
HALIFAX BC (Ray Clegg & David Atkinson).
HALIFAX BC (David & Mavis Stinton).
ESTON BC (Brian Leonard, Albert Mead, Clifford Lillystone, Terry Redfearn).


SLOAN STREET BC (Tom Wilkinson, Geraldine McKeever, Tony Law, Con Mulholland).
ST COLUMS BC (Mary Tosh, Willie McKee, Geoff Gault, Caroline Murray).
DUNGANNON PRESBYTERIAN BC (Cecil Brown, Beth Shackels, George Fletcher, Alan Rankin).
BELFAST IBC (Carter Sloan & Jonathan Hedley).
ST COLUMS BC (Mary Tosh, John Kerr, Moria McConnell, Gladys Law).
WEST DOWN ZONE (Joan Donaldson, Elaine Steele, Sandra Smith, Patricia Martin).
PAVILION IBC (Edie Whyte, Ivor McQuaid, Derek McAdam, Jim Hamilton).
BLACKPOOL BC (Geraldine Mulhare, Sinead Corcoran, Bernadette Keohane, George Gaul).


ABBEYVIEW IBC (Frank Cook, Ian Graham, Robert Rodger, Jim Binnie).
COATBRIDGE IBC (Billy Cochrane, Adam Strachan, David Logan, David Blades).
MARCHMOUNT BC (William Woodhouse, June Court, Jim Jardine).


CALDICOT UA3 SMBC (David Jefferys & Roland Carey).
WELSHPOOL BC (Sonia Myatt, Ron Jones, Dave Bright, Martin Ward).
CALDICOT UA3 SMBC (David Jefferys & Roland Carey).
CARDIFF IBC (Bernard Wilder, Paul Greatorex, Dave Smart, Paul Caple).


MIRAFLORES BC (Barbara & Anthony Gatter, Anthony Warn).
EMERALD ISLE BC (Dennis Rhodes, Dennis Birkett, Drew Gerrard, Colin Lindgren).


MACCABI LBA (Bernie Jacobs, Michael Hart, Ron Shelley, Douglas Greenston).