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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants


LUTON IBC (Sheila Webb, Pat Holton, Pauline Bright, Jan Brooks).


GREAT HOLLANDS BC (Richard Fisher, Syd Bambury, Graham Cripps, Richard Clark).
WHITEKNIGHTS IBC (Fay Simpson, Gillian & David Keen, Michael Jackman).


FOXHILL IBC (Chris Ivan, Betty Taylor, Micky Woodman, Roger Kane).
BLETCHLEY IBC (Peter Attack, Kathy Stone, Charlie Hodgkin, Barbara Vizard).
HADDENHAM SMBC (Marthie Du Preeze, Ian Rutherford, David Springford).


ST NEOTS & DISTRICT IBC (Pam Brooks, Rhoda Mayes, Ken Martin).
CAMBRIDGE CHESTERTON IBC (Lawrence Squires, Jennie & Cliff Ison).
CAMBRIDGE CHESTERTON IBC (Martin Pankhurst, Roger Mansfield, Mark Sebley, Steve Jacobs).
WHITTLESEY IBC (Ray Hunt, Hazel & Ray Bass).
CAMBRIDGE CHESTERTON IBC (Denise Farnham, John Fuller, Paul Harrowing, Paul Walsham).
MARCH IBC (Pat Loughton, June Woodhouse, Beverley & Mike Lovegrove).


CARADON IBC (G. Freestone, R. Vickers, J. Carr, R. James).
NEWQUAY IBC (Roma Hodgson, Edmund Cutts, Brenda Frogley, Malcolm McCarthy).
BODMIN BC (Maureen Wilson, Eileen Ward, Colin Parsons).


CROFT BC (Alistair Newbigging, Brian McCallum, John Hunter).


DURHAM IBC (Raymond Knights, Brian Hall, Robert Clarkson).


SOUTHEND BC (Ron Barrack, Ray Walter, Martin Harvey, Jill Jenner).
TYE GREEN IBC (Roy Bowden, Margaret Ratcliff, Dave Stopp, Janet Keeble).
STONYHILL IBC (Alan Tofts, Polly Gray, Alan Medcraft, Terry Cannon).
JACKS CENTRE IBC (Sandra Wire, Steve Willson, Barry Greenwood, Chris Lewell).
TURPINS IBC (Dennis Moore, Bill Eldridge, Chris Rumball).
ESSEX COUNTY BC (Mick Bennett, Tony Jarvis, Charles Merrell, Bill Boys).
ESSEX COUNTY BC (Ted Lilley, Norman Miles, Andy Eva, Steve Kerley).
STONYHILL IBC (Alan Tofts, Polly Gray, Alan Medcraft, Brian Duffield).


COTSWOLD IBC (Jason Nueding, John Timbrell, Chris Warren, Dave Clark).
MIDGLOS IBC (Linsley Gough, Lesley Freebrey, Alan Thompson).
HARDWICKE SMBC (Della Jones, Graham Ewers, Ian Jennings, Pam Parley).


BANISTER PARK IBC (Kim Hargreaves, Ann Jessup, Norman Shergold, Lorraine Slater).
PALMERSTON IBC (Robert Bunce, Garry Coleman, Michael Whitefoot).
MEON VALLEY BC (Marilyn Masters, Lesley Andrews, Jen & Mervyn Flinter).
WEST END BC (Marina Harrison & Derek Bishop).
ATHERLEY BC (William Groves, Peter Rathband, William Blow).
LODDON VALE IBC (Brenda Cook, Pat Maroney, Stella Hayden, Ian Laming).
PALMERSTON IBC (Steve Little, Vic Bennett, Mike Coleman).
PALMERSTON IBC (Dave Robertson, Ian Kyzer, Ken Thorpe).
PURBROOK HEATH BC (Phil Jelf & Tony Wall).
RUSHMOOR IBC (Alec Sharman, Des Hogsflesh, Colin Alcock, David Jennings).
PALMERSTON IBC (Steve Little, Vic Bennett, Mike Coleman).


LEOMINSTER IBC (Ash & Stephen Edwards).


HATFIELD IBC (Wendy Parsons, Phyll Scarborough, Pat Thompson, Marilyn Hedger).
BOVINGTON BC (Frank Booys, Wallace South, Sylvia Briden, Robin Bowler).
HERTS IBC (Joy Hamilton, John Abbott, Jacky Childs, Alan Cohn).
WATFORD IBC (John Cambell & Ian Tibbles).


ISLE OF WIGHT IBC (Dave Jerram, Pat Bugby, Seamus Morris, Steve Wake).


OYSTER IBC (Derek Knight, Michael Hart, Dave Appleton).
WHITE OAK IBC (Tony White, Sylvia Garry, Dot Drury, Tony Williams).
BROMLEY IBC (Tony Ferguson, Diane Horncastle, George Reynolds, Ken Stack).
THANET IBC (Lynne Belsey, Jean Taylor, Ray Ellam).
ASHFORD IBC (Jennie New, Richard Jenner, Peggy Carpenter, Vince King).
BETTESHANGER IBC (Carol Brazil, Dave Stennett, Terry Harrison).
ROYAL TUNBRIDGE WELLS IBC (Edna Metcalf, Jonathon Carr, Alan Pitson, Frank Miller).
WHITE OAK IBC (Laura Yardley, Sheri Ward, Neil Stevens, Ron Hay).
AYLESHAM & SNOWDOWN BC (Helen Gibbs, Bet Gilchrist, Frank James).
NEW ROMNEY BC (Frank Zsinko, Sue Fagg, Jackie Hutchinson).
GRAVESEND & DISTRICT BA (Keith Stapley, Alan Davies, John Bodle, George Parker).
BROMLEY IBC (Marie Collins, Adrian Slocombe, David Clark).
ANGEL IBC (Alec Newberry, Chris Browning, Colin Francis, Dave Banfield).
MOTE PARK IBC (Jenny Walkling, Mary Davey, Sharon Sefer).
MOTE PARK IBC (Michael George, Olive Monk, Lilian Judge, Michael Coombes).


CARLTON IBC (Michael & Sandra Hall, Angela & Nick Cleverley).
CARLTON IBC (Tommy & Joe May, Paul Cunningham, Peter Taylor).


LONG SUTTON IBC (Vic Wright, Norrie Elliott, Ray Ward, Dennis Boone).
STAMFORD IBC (Elizabeth Wallace, Margaret Bloxham, David Hudson).
DUNHOLME IBC (Ken Robinson, Ann Ellis, Eddie Fairs, Alan Dines).
DUNHOLME IBC (Alan Dines, Paul Wicklen, Tricia Dines).
LINCOLN IBC (Peter Wilford, Ray McIlwain, David Stanley, Phil Lowe).
GRANTHAM & DISTRICT IBC (Ruth Murphy & Roger Turnbull).
LINCOLN IBC (Tex Brown, Sam Musson, Margaret Tranter, Patrick O’Reilly).
LINCOLN IBC (Alan Lowe, David Jones, Dennis Skayman, David Turner).
LINCOLN IBC (Carol Warner, Janet Bell, Irene Wingad, Paul Marshall).


HAYES BC (H. Sinclair, J. Gibbs, B. White, M. Blandford).
HERGA IBC (John Hammond, David Poole, Vic Tompkins, Peter Perry).
HERGA IBC (Mike Rosenthal, Tony Paulley, Paul Fuller, Glen Adams).
HOUNSLOW IBC (Naomi Payne, Dennis Caller, Carole Crooks, Eldred Payne).
THE LAWNS IBC (Gerry Foster, David Bowman, John Sanders).


THE BRECKS IBC (Desmond Browne & David Stacey).
ACLE IBC (Norma & David Jones, Val Le Picq).
ROUNDWOOD IBC (Pearl Gerrard & Valerie Tilbury).
ACLE IBC (P. Church, K. Adey, L. Holdom).
DISS & DISTRICT BC (Peter Dodds, Colin Brown, Jim Smith).


KINGSTHORPE BC (Sylvia Dunster, Joan Clifton, Brian Dunster, Brian Clifton).
DAVENTRY IBC (Carol Kershaw, Margaret Daynes, Eveline Worrall,. Shirley Shucksmith).
DESBOROUGH IBC (John Evans, Sally Hogston, Barry Adair).
KINGSTHORPE BC (Terri Moore, Sally Gearey, Mick Spear, Vernon Geary).
KINGSTHORPE BC (Pat Brown, Cauly & Mick Swift, Daniel Waterfield).


CONCORDIA BC (Steven Cope, Gordon Pearson, Ken Wolsey, Madeline Hawkins).
EREWASH IBC (Paul Clewett, Greta Stevenson, Emil Gombos, John Cooper).
EREWASH IBC (Jean Johnson, Bernard Barker, Dennis Shepherd, Janet Aulsebrook).


OXFORD & DISTRICT BC (Sue Andrews, Colin Gould, Sid Andrews, Mick Saunders).


NORTH PETHERTON BC (Ann Cornwell, Louise Dewey, Jean Glendinning, Maureen Weeks).
TAUNTON BC (Trish Bridgman, Sid Chorley, Teresa & Peter Ella).
CLARRIE DUNBAR IBC (Teresa King, Ailsa Midwinter, Sue & Keith Bird).
FOSSEWAY BC (Sue Meadows, Douglas Ball, Janet Andrews, John Price).
VICTORIA (STREET) IBC (Barry Le Quesne, Geoff Wigley, John Solle, John Murphy).


SHOTFORD BC (Yvonne Elliott & Gillian Angus).
WEST ROW IBC (Kay Blanchard & Pat Gattlin).


CROYDON BC (Keith & Vi Pearson, Terry & Greer White).
CROYDON BC (Geraldine Graham, Shirley Blanshard, Jackie Barlow, John Marriner).


EGERTON PARK IBC (Roger Jones, Joyce Crang, Peter Britten, Maureen Jones).
DONYNGS IBC (Alex Shinn, Edna Brisley, Scott Hall, Guy Shinn).
RUSTINGTON SMBC (Toni James, Don Stow, Ted Hood).
WORTHING PAVILION BC (Benny Benfield, Jim Lindup, Marina Crayston, Paul Wilson).
DENTON ISLAND IBC (Kate Wells, Sheila Rogers, Marjorie Innes, Kate Strong).
ARUN IBC (Christine Hillier, Melva Bateman, Tony Dade).
EGERTON PARK BC (Kevin Carrie, Callum Phillimore, Nicholas Lawson).
WORTHING IBC (Colin Smale, Dave Crockett, Robert Read, John Schools).
FALAISE IBC (Freda Holt, Audrey Suggitt, Leslie Matcham, Don Hotston).
ADUR IBC (Rita Edwards, Phil Baines, Tony Clayton, Danny White).


AVON VALLEY IBC (Eric Euston, Mary Squirrell, Alan Bister).


SYDNEY GARDENS BC (Paul Stewart, Brian Stevens, Tony & Chris Elley).
FIVE RIVERS BC (Lynne Stanford, Ros Corke, Janice Row, Janice Bull).


BROMGROVE IBC (Andy Griffin, Cynthia Dodsworth, Stephanie Greenwell, Shirley Stanworth-Hall).
MALVERN HILLS IBC (William Lowe, Heather Fearnside, Barry Taylor, Keith Fairbrother).


NORTH CAVE IBC (Barry Holiday & John Haslem).
HALIFAX BC (Garry & Ann Robinson).
HALIFAX BC (Tony Riley, Paul Kaye, Paul Gill).
HALIFAX BC (Brian Baker, Geoff Wood, A. Knowles, D. Wadsworth).


SULLY IBC (Brian Gist, Gerald Currie, Brian Whyman, Peter Hocking).
PENARTH BC (Joan Lewis, Sue John, June Williams, Tricia Brinkworth).
RADNORSHIRE IBC (Colin Pugsley & Arthur Thompson).
BEECHWOOD BC (Tony Allcock, John Williams, Justin Mundy, Mike Murphy).
PENARTH BC (June Pallister & Joan Lewis).


FRASERBURGH IBC (I. Cartney, C. Simpson, A. Bruce, R. Clark).
FRASERBURGH IBC (M. Thomson, G. Young, A. Cruickshank).
MAGNUM IBC (Norma Barrie, Lorna Bradley, Anne Munroe, Wilma Steele).
PAISLEY IBC (Archie Fletcher, Craig Snedden, Douglas Moir).


ST LUKE’S IBC, CORK (Anne Russell, Ann & Dan McSweeney, Jack Russell).
BELFAST IBC (B. Lecky, J. Wilson, D. Brown, W. Stevenson).
DRUMMAUL BC (Josh Anderson, Irene & Darren McCullough).
COUNTY ANTRIM IBC (Michael Clewer, Jim Shields, Ronnie Steele, Robert McCullough).
2nd DONEGORE PRESBYTERIAN BC (Irvine McKnight, John Duncan, Jordan Millar, William Fullerton).
2nd DONEGORE PRESBYTERIAN BC (Peter & Mark Duncan, Ryan Rea, David Duncan).
MIDDLETON BC (Patricia White, David Hallissey, Elizabeth Butler, Tadgh Barry).
LOUGHANREACH BC (James McKee, Trevor Steele, Martin Jamieson, Ian Ross).
PICKIE BC (Thelma Belch, Billy Ross, George Horner, Nat Belch).


INDALO BC (Bill Seymour, Brian Roberts, Christine Ivin).
BENAVISTA BC (Dine Warn, Marion Allen, Margaret Kain, Barbara Land).