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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants


KEMPSTON PARK BC (Sylvia Roberts, Evelyn Fagan, Peggy Gibbs).


WHITEKNIGHTS IBC (Angelo Ciliberti, V. Holland, D. McCreedy, C. Freeman).
FOXHILL IBC (Brian Rowe, K. Seymour, Ann Vincent, I. Dormer).


ST NEOTS IBC (Marion Appleton, Eileen Normanton, Hazel Potter, Sally Anstee).
CAMBRIDGE CHESTERTON IBC (Sue Mansfield, Anne Solly, Roger Mansfield, Steve Jacobs).
HEMINGFORDS BC (Andy Townsend, Peter Reason, Kev Ward).
CAMBRIDGE CHESTERTON IBC (Glenda Lanoix, Keith Blades, Jim Masters).
MARCH IBC (Pauline Austin & Tony Harley).
CAMBRIDGE CHESTERTON IBC (Linda Andrews, Anne Solly, Jeanne Miller, Shirley Lambert).


VERYAN IBC (Joe Coups, Angela Light, Joe Bee).


TORQUAY UNITED IBC (N. Lang, B. Turner, S. Pook, M. Fry).
SIDMOUTH BC (Ann Elwood, Chris Radburn, John Chew, Chris Hamer).
AXMINSTER IBC (Phillipa White, Brian Cursley, Ann Clayton).
HONITON IBC (Diana Hawkins, Fred Dart, Daphne Courtnay, Gerry Stafrace).
SIDMOUTH IBC (David Lever, Sheila Graham, Karen Hollingdale, John Mason).


DOLPHIN IBC (Sue Double, Gina Blake, Brian Gooch).


TYE GREEN IBC (Bill Pearce, Terry Card, Richard Prince, Colin Demeza).
CLACTON-ON-SEA IBC (Sue Cunningham, Brian Clark, Phil Marshall, John Kidd).
TYE GREEN IBC (Lorraine Mead, Sheila Tarling, Bob & Lyn Moles).
HAVERING IBC (Pat Watkins, Ann Chappell, Pat Tate, Colin Chappell).
JACKS CENTRE IBC (Jo Patterson, Geraldine Cane, Sheila Endean, Elaine Scarborough).
CLACTON-ON-SEA IBC (Jan Carr, Jo Day, Rita Seamons).


NAILSEA IBC (Jane Wilson, Alice Ditzel, Brenda Steed, Rita Holloway).


CHAWTON PARK IBC (Lesley Johnson & Derek Ham).
RIVERSIDE IBC (Ted Smith, Robin Kingston, Graham Elsworthy).
RUSHMOOR IBC (Bill Cannon, Tony Boniface, Wally Graves, Steve Boniface).


LEOMINSTER IBC (Ash & Stephen Edwards).
ROSS-ON-WYE BC (Tess Wilson, Margaret Eggleton, Geoff Harnwell, Mike Robinson).


RIVERAIN IBC (John Merrill, Mark Amos, Peter Ellis).
HERTS IBC (Carol & Mick Chatfield).


DARTFORD STONE LODGE IBC (Mick Stubbs, Jean Eslick, Terry Farthing, Ray Hawkins).
PRINCE ARTHUR IBC (Andy Walker, Albert Regan, Jim Masters, John Swan).
ASHFORD IBC (Anne Rutland, Audrey Blythe, Gill Hawkes, Christine Breeds).
FOLKESTONE IBC (Janet Graham, Ron Parkin, Julia Baker, Daphne Pascoe).
OYSTER IBC (Eileen Pressley, Rita & Bernard Marsh).


STAMFORD IBC (Paul Green, Richard Bain, Richard Horne).
LINCOLNSHIRE VICE-PRESIDENTS ASOCIATION (Malcolm Brett, Ralph Sawer, Ray Woods, Peter Godding).
SCUNTHORPE IBC (Sheila Betts, Marian Addey, John Downs, Dave Saxby).


HOUNSLOW IBC (Jean Brown, Sandra James, Roger Joslin, Dave Pitt).
ELMBRIDGE IBC (David Golding, Carol Hayfield, Nuala Middleton, Rosemary Jones).


BROWSTON HALL IBC (John Boyne, Pauline Marriott, John Dray).
BROWSTON HALL IBC (Derek Chumbley, Ralph Kippen, Tony Bridge, Peter Hurren).
ROUNDWOOD IBC (Paul & Karen Wale).
BROWSTON HALL IBC (Martin Gaines, David Armes, Stan Evans).


WELLINGBOROUGH BC (Linda Walsh, Sue Turner, Phill Parry, Barbara Towel).
NORTHAMPTON & DISTRICT IBC (Janet Denton, Kathy Dye, Janet Riley, Joan Maris).


EREWASH IBC (Dave Whitfield, Keith Richmond, Russell Coe, Brian Richmond).
EREWASH IBC (Gary Dakin, John Truswell, Tom Kiff, Graham Brear).
NEWARK IBC (Scott Rouse, Josh Ablewhite, David Rouse).
NOTTINGHAM IBC (Barry Richardson, Doug Meakin, Terry Ellis).


MIDDLE BARTON BC (Valerie Fraser, Gerald Abbotts, Trevor Millard, Jim Stevens).


MADELEY COURT SMBC (Douglas Church, Richard Goldie, Kenneth Newbrook, Dave Offley).

CITY OF BATH IBC (David Perkins, Gordon Soper, Colin Burn, Peter Martin).
CLARRIE DUNBAR IBC (Teresa King, Joyce Wightman, Cathy Hill, Ailsa Midwinter).
VICTORIA (STREET) IBC (Sheila & David Scarrott).

IPSWICH & DISTRICT IBC (Steve Broxton, Steve Wright, Steve Giles).

EGHAM IBC (Dennis Legge, Valerie Butler, Doreen Hankin, Thomas Searle).
PURLEY BURY BC (Margaret Gordon, Geraldine & Richard Tucker, Robin Gordon).
LEWISHAM IBC (Christine Stevens & Helen Prince).
CAMBERLEY IBC (Ron Bruce, Audrey Ingram, Carol & David Harding).
WEY VALLEY IBC (Margaret Collins, Andrew Fitzgerald, John Smith, Betty Slade).
LEWISHAM IBC (Christine Stevens & Helen Prince).
RICHMOND IBC (Jim Burns & Phil Gregory).
KING GEORGE FIELD IBC (Rose Bradford, Carole Haines, Malcolm Hunt, Colin Smith).
MOLE VALLEY IBC (Sue Waite & Anne Collett).
RICHMOND IBC (Roy Ebinezar, Tony King, Dave Smith).


WEALDEN IBC (Anne Daly, Terry Sales, Vivien Crowther, Alan Bradley).
WORTHING IBC (Percy Taylor, Victor Slade, George Gatford, Bill Witticker).
EWHURST SMBC (Brenda Cunningham, Joyce Spath, Mike White, Jackie Wright).
ARUN IBC (Peter Bishop, Geoff Cook, Kieth Robini, Cliff Radford).
WEALDEN IBC (Carol Holloway, Joyce Long, Rosemary Richmond, David Lewis).


CITY OF COVENTRY IBC (Thelma Orberson, Peter Holland, Geoffrey Butterfield, Robert Phelps).


DROITWICH SPA BC (Pam Ashford, Graham Collins, Malcolm Brewer).


SWINDON MANOR IBC (Ken Roe, Graham Richards, Del Smith, Harold Jones).
CHRISTIE MILLER IBC (Wendy Clayton, Wendy Coggins, Jenny Couch, Linda Walton).


HALIFAX BC (B. Gee, J. Bainbridge, A. Fleming, D. Gee).
NORTH CAVE IBC (Andrew Connolly, Margaret Plant, Jane Hayes).
HARROGATE IBC (Angela Spilsbury, Louise Frith, Mark Reynolds).


ABERAERON SPORTS CLUB (Milwen Lewis, Betty Jenkins, Sheila Middleton, Alun Jenkins).
OGWR IBC (Enid Lloyd, Veronica Davies, Cynthia Benson, Gillian Howell).
SULLY IBC – Ladies Indoor Short Mat (Margaret Sheppard & Carol Lawry).
CALDECOT U3A SMBC (Joan Carey, Lynn Skinner, Richard Burton).
OGWR IBC (J. R. Griffiths, Marian Thomas, Liz Anderson).
OGWR IBC (Graham Owen, Len Watkins, Mike Reade, Mervyn Saunders).


BELFAST IBC (Mervyn McConkey, George Yendell, Maurice Millar, Tony Wilson).
ST COLMAN’S, LAURENCETOWN (Eugene Byrne, Noel Quinn, Mervyn Wilson, Gary Chambers).
ST MARY’S ON THE HILL (John O’Connell, Dean Foley, Annette O’Connell).
BELFAST IBC (Jeffrey Coppel, Frazer Thompson, Irvine McKay, Eric Mairs).
BELFAST IBC (Cecil Magill, Dessie Taylor, Alex Shaw, Alice Alcorn).
FIRST DUNBOE IBC (Uel Lavery, Marion Campbell, Jennifer Huston, Terry Campbell).

FRASERBURGH IBC (Ryan Clark, Lewis Strachan, Raymond Clark).
STONEHAVEN BC (Ann Murray, Carol Pike, Mable Ewen, Karen Murray).
ABERDEEN IBC (Margaret Morar, Pat Anderson, Linda Knowles, Grace Whitley).


TEIDE BC, TENERFIFE (Susan Dimmock & Brenda Rees).

BEL PLAYA BC (Pauline Ball & Patricia Baker).
MAZARRON BC (Barbara Tottey, Robin Logue, Andrew Bunce).
SAN MIGUEL BC (Margaret & Ian Rogers).
MONTE MAR BC (Rita Towle, Pauline & Barrie Woodfine).