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Hot Shots Club

THE Bowls International Hot Shots Club is famous throughout the bowls playing world.


It was launched more than twenty years ago to reward players achieving a maximum score on one end of a competitive pairs, triples or fours match, and remains as popular as ever.


The much valued certificates recognising the feat and signed by 15 times world champion Tony Allcock take pride of place in the clubs and homes of bowlers all over the globe.


Enamel lapel badges and various coloured bowls stickers are also available to highlight the achievement of becoming a member of the world’s largest and most exclusive bowls club.

Claiming Your Hot Shot Certificate

Complete the online form ( click here ) and enclose your remittance for any hot shot merchandise required.


Recent Hot Shots Claimants


DESBOROUGH BC (Ernie Pelling, Martin Allum, Brian Parish, Brian Faulkner).


HADDENHAM BC (Eric Smith, Cedron Caine, Ann Smith).


HUNTINGDON IBC (Jill Ormiston, Gordon Line, Carole Hickey, Barry Johnson).


HELSTON BC (Pamela Jeffrey, Pamela Channon, David Kingston).
VERYAN IBC (J. Oldcroft & Sue Beale).


ALFRETON IBC (Adrian Griffin, Doug Basnett, Angela West, Wynford Ball).


SOUTH MOLTON BC (David Jenkins, Brian Buckingham, Ronald Moule, Peter Webb).
SOUTH HAMS IBC (Richard Kerswell, Mike Birch, Ronald Elson, Tony Berry).
DAWLISH IBC (Elliot Cole, Betty Kingsley, John Evans, David Inns).
DAWLISH IBC (Tony Card, Tony Giller, Graham Smith, David Inns).


DOLPHIN IBC (Jan Galton, Barbara & Peter Coutts).
MOONFLEET 2000 IBC (John Hickman & Tony Hayward).
EAST DORSET IBC (Gordon Masson, Colin Bridgwater, Mike Bird).
DOLPHIN IBC (Elayne Walker, Gill Brown, Eric Dudridge, Maurice Bowyer).


BARKING & DISTRICT IBC (Ronald Hawes, Brian Carter, Raymond Patrick, Brian King).
HARWICH & DOVERCOURT IBC (Shirley & George Beaumont, Sandy Mooney).
JACKS CENTRE IBC (Ricky Sawyer, Chris Cornelius, C. Woodhouse, David Wilson).
FALCON BC (Jean Kendrick, Pam Butler, Val Weeks).


RIVERSIDE IBC (Pat Tribbeck, Diane Rumney, John Watts).
PALMERSTON IBC (Norma Bedford, Sandra Underwood, Norma Wheeler, Dorothy Shergold).
DENMEAD IBC (Shirley Higgins, Roger Norman, Valerie & Anthony Sewell).
RUSHMOOR IBC (Anthony LeFrenais, Mick Moorcroft, Bob Tillotson, Geoff Ringrose).


COTSWOLD BC (Audrey Hicks, Sheila Godfrey, John Back, John Hicks).
MIDGLOS IBC (Phillip Bureau, Steven Abbott, Aaron Lloyd, Brian Mayell).
HENLEAZE BC (Barbara Reed, Gerald Cook, Jill Stevenson, Bill Hatherall).


PRINCE ARTHUR IBC (Robert Louden, John Murdoch, Trevor Woodhouse).
MOTE PARK IBC (M. Roout, J. Wright, L. Warner).
FOLKESTONE IBC (Leah Bamford & Mick Fisher).
KENT COUNTY LADIES IBA (Sadie Buchanan, Jean Parsons, Lynette Stock, Brenda Graham).
BROMLEY IBC (Bob Dubery, Tricia & Bill Wicker).
PRINCE ARTHUR IBC (Patricia Gunn, Pat O'Mera, Sonia Bignell, Jim Masters).
PRINCE ARTHUR IBC (Ray Webster, Paul Sumner, Steve Robinson, Jim Bowman).
ISTEAD RISE BC (Don Nott, Peter Clark, Alistair Boyland, Madeline Cross).
CYPHERS IBC (Ted Hart & Gerry Llewellyn).


GRIMSBY LEISURE CENTRE (Doreen & Geoff Milborn, Norman Dodsworth, Eddie Edwards).
LOUTH IBC (Brian Paffey, Terry Dadds, Val Sherry).


GLEBELANDS IBC (Henry Strong & Frank Dryer).


DISS & DISTRICT IBC (Margaret Hawes, Steve White, Peter Hawes).
LYNNSPORT IBC (Dot Rippon, David Allison, Pete Sayer).
ROUNDWOOD IBC (Brian Alltree, Derek Cole, Roger Bassham).


KETTERING LODGE BC (Connor Rollings & Allan Thorn).


OXFORD CITY & COUNTY BC (Alan Keen, Bob Scholes, June Watts, John Drage).
OXFORD & DISTRICT IBC (Olive Jackman, Elizabeth Wright, Sue Gokgor).


SHREWSBURY IBC (Michael Woodbridge, Cynthia Hedley, Roger Bowley).


NORTH PETHERTON BC (Frank Davis, Mike Watson, Bob Dyer, Peter Howard).
BURNHAM-ON-SEA SMBC (Cherrie Cross, Clive Pearce, Austen Cryer).


EGHAM IBC (Llew Jones, Nigel Norris, John Emms, Kenneth Johnson).
MOLE VALLEY IBC (Bernice Rendle, Mary Coburn, Tony James, Richard Hodgkinson).


LITTLEHAMPTON SMBC (Doreen Briggs, Carol Feasey, Mike Sherwood, Edward Hull).
WORTHING PAVILION BC (Derek Gladman, Lois Wallis, Keith Leather, Ron Bell).
WEALDEN IBC (Jill Flint, Maureen Spyers, Dorothy Glasby, Margaret Winton).


NAFFERTON BC (James Brown & Shaun Wells).


BUCHAN IBC (Daniel & Michael Paterson, Alexander, Elrick).
ELGIN & DISTRICT IBC (Elizabeth Maitland, Vic Milton, Roy Mackenzie, Ann Souter).


CALDICOT SMBC (Joan Carey & Phil Skinner).


EL RANCHO BC (Jane Hamill, Mervyn Armstrong, David Whitworth).
LA MARINA BC (Janet Parsons, Tom Spencer, Jim Manning).




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