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News: Anderson Continues Charge for the Championship

Published 25 January 2013, 11:38

Scotland’s Stewart Anderson claimed his semi-final place after beating England’s Nicky Brett on the last end of the tie-break.
The Auchinleck star was in good form in the opening set, winning 9-4.
Brett responded very well in the second set, taking a 5-1 lead after five ends. However, a fortunate three on the seventh end from Anderson, using an edge to take Brett’s out, closed to deficit at 5-4.
At 7-5 with one end to play, Brett opened with a bowl six inches heavy, only for Anderson to beat it. Anderson could only muster one, with Brett levelling sets at 7-6.
Anderson looked certain to win the opening end before a sensational drive from Brett took all three of Anderson’s bowls out. Anderson replaced it but Brett drove once more, edging Anderson’s bowl out of the head to win the end.
Anderson won the second end after an impressive opening bowl. The final end saw Anderson kill the end (the only end that is allowed to be killed) after an exceptional drawing exchange.
The replayed end was a nervy one, with Anderson putting four bowls a foot away and Brett had four bowls to respond but was unable to do so.
Anderson will play either Welsh legend John Price or Welsh Open champion, Scotland’s David Gourlay in the semi-finals.

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